Sunday, July 11, 2010

The right age to be married...WHEN IS THIS?

I'm not gonna:

~start this blog off by saying that it's been awhile since i last posted

~apologize for not regularly blogging

~say that i'll do better, because i may do better....and then again....i may i'm not gonna say anthing....;)


What i am going to say is: i have an amazing sunday school class. My teacher teaches straight from the word of God and challenges us.

Today she began answering questions from cards that we had given her a few weeks ago.

The question was, when is the right age to get married?

pause: so this is a high school girls sunday school class; we have talk about dating and things of that nature for a couple months. and this was a very good question; i had kinda been wondering this too.......

My teacher (she is Ms. Audrey, my pastor's wife and an amazing woman of read her blog, click here. )

She bega by taking us to Genesis 1, which tells of creation. Then we went on to chapter two and she began this list: (information taken from Genesis 2 -------------> should be read to get the full affect of what i'm saying)
  • God formed man
  • God planted the garden
  • God placed man in to the garden
  • God gave man a job and cultivates
  • God gave command-> postive and negative
  • God says that man needs a helper
  • God brought animals to Adam

After everything that happened above, God puts Adam in a deep deep sleep, takes on of Adam's ribs, and forms a woman.....When Adam awakens, he finds a WOMAN......and not just any woman either. He finds....

HIS WOMAN!! look at the list that was made and think about it in the sense of how we answer the question: when is the right age to get married?

Have you thought about it? Don't read any further till you have......

ok.....notice that before God brings Adam's woman, God gives Adam a job what?


Now do you see the answer to the question? When i found it out, it was like a light balb turned on a a very very dark room........