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Saturday, July 27, 2013

life update: probably one of the longest posts i have ever written.

so if you are my friend on facebook, than you saw this recent status update:

and if i told you about the fact that i was trying to transfer there, then thank you for your support.
or rather, even if i didn't tell you, thank you for the support. 

but still, i'm sure ya'll are dying to know why i am transferring. i know there are a few scratching their heads out in cyber space thinking "wait a sec, why is she transferring? why is she changing schools?"....

totally kidding. you probably weren't thinking that......which is fine. 
but i'm going to update you on my life anyway.

so grab your cup of coffee, tea, soda,  pickle juice or whatever-the-heck you feel like sipping on, curl up on the couch, and get ready for this little life update.


if i really think about it now, it all started back to last fall when i was given the chance to lead a small group of girls at my church's youth group. (note: this was the very same youth group that i attended while i was in high school, so the fact that i was able to lead a group of girls, whose places i was sitting in six years prior, was a huge honor.) i was with a friend helping lead an upper high school girls group but then a couple months into the semester, i got the chance to have my own group: the younger girls, the middle and early high school girls. 

i was excited, and i was nervous. but i was really excited.

this might be weird, but i have never found a better use for istock photos. haha
so i had the best group of girls ever. one of them being my little sister, but i also suppose that i am a bit biased in that area.

God taught me a lot about being a leader, and example, and a mentor to these girls. it helped somewhat in keeping me accountable spiritually.

but at the same time, school was not. 
school, in all honesty and pardon my french, just really sucked. i hated every minute of it. i was working two jobs at the time too, and i was beginning to hate the one at my school. the other was/ is in the food industry. that's just difficult in general and another story entirely.

but i digress.

with the school job, school itself, well, i was stressed out beyond anything. i dreaded every day. but come thursday, the night for youth group, well...i live for that day. the day that i would be done with my school week, one of my work weeks, and i could unload and learn more about Jesus. 

and it was good. and the weekend was good. but come sunday night, i would dread the upcoming week. but i just prayed that i would get through to thursday.

thursdays, if you haven't figured it out by now, where my breath of fresh air.

so fast forward to june. 
i was out of school, and preparing to spend a week at church camp.

i once again had a small group of girls, and i got to lead it with one of my favorite people, kelsey. she was recent high school grad and a student leader. 

my girls

that week that was spent in the mountains of tennessee was incredible. i was able to reconnect with God on an even more personal level than ever before, i made new friends, rekindled some old friendships, and I WAS IN THE MOUNTAINS OF TENNESSEE. what more can you ask for?

then we get back to beaufort, and that's when things start to really....happen.
i begin to think about school while talking with my sister. we were both talking about how we were not looking forward to going back to our current means of education. like the thought literally made us sick, and for me, the very emotional one, it made me want to cry big ole' alligator tears.

and actually, i did cry about it. 

i had a melt down one day, and i cried to my mother about how much i was dreading school come the fall. i told her how i felt like i was being called in a different direction, maybe even to a different school. she understood, just so long as it meant that i was still finishing school and not quitting all together.

i had remembered how Amy, my youth pastor's wife and my dear friend, told me how she had done classes with Liberty University Online. i told my mom that i wanted to talk to her about it and she agreed.
so, through many tears (like i said, i'm emotional) i explained the situation to Amy. she knew exactly what i was going through and told me more about Liberty

it sounded more and more appealing.

and she gave me the best advice: to pray about it. 
and she told me that she would be praying too.

i looked into it and found that they didn't have my current major at the time- English, at least in the online portion. but that was fine with me. i wasn't interested in continuing in English. i was interested in something that i could use in possibly the youth ministry setting. i found two options and then narrowed it down. i ended up choosing something that i never thought i would ever, ever major in: psychology. but i thought "hey. this will be just fine. it will be coming from a christian perspective, so it will be good." so i officially chose psychology with a focus in christian counseling. this is something that would be awesome to use in youth ministry. 

so i talked with my mom more about it, prayed, talked to my "other parents", prayed, and applied.

and i got accepted.

i. got. accepted.

and now i'm registered for classes and i have never been so excited about school in the history of my educational experiences. 

can i just say that God is good?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ultimate summer driving playlist

it is a thing that is much needed, ESPECIALLY during the summer time. 

if you're anything like me, then music is an essential in almost everything you do, 
including getting from point A to point B.

so i know that i shared some of my current musical jams with you, but here are some more of the tunes, including previously mentioned that make up my ultimate summer driving playlist.

love somebody- maroon 5
electric feel- mgmt
my hope is in you lord- aaron shust
live and die- the avett brothers
wishing well- the oh hellos
clouds catch fire- fever fever
mirrors- justin timberlake
get lucky- daft punk
pom poms- the jonas brothers
suavemente- elvis crespo
gold digger- kanye west (CLEAN VERSION)
wop- j. dash
say my name- destiny's child

...and so many more to name....but this is just a taste, a mere nibble, at what i like when i'm driving.

what is your ultimate summer driving playlist?

Saturday, July 20, 2013


i went to the farmer's market today.

needless to say, i'd deem it successful. :)

also, i FINALLY figured out the new GIF feature on google+.'s interesting for the first attempt, no? 
found these pictures from almost two years ago when i first started college.
 sitting on the bridge, taking pictures. 


go me.

Friday, July 5, 2013

my jams.

lots of quiet of here, eh?

anyways, i have had lots of jams as of late.

by jams, i don't mean ONLY music. (granted a lot of my jams this week are music.)

by jams, i mean things that i am ALLLLLL ABOUT YA'LL.  shoooooooooooooo.

aww yeah-uh.

so let us begin.

my jam as of late has been folk/ folk rock music.
take a listen, won't you?

the avett brothers-

judah and the lion- 

the oh hello's- 

fever fever- clouds catch fire

and then aside from the mountain music (as i like to call this stuff) here are some other musical jams that i have taken a fancy too:

flame- move
aaron shust- my hope is in you (this is going to be my life song)

and now on to other things besides music (because i could go on and on and oooooooonnnnnn)

i have been fangirling over dutch braids and crown braids as of recently.

maybe deep down, i want to be heidi......

eh. then again, maybe not.

what have been your jams recently?