Monday, November 30, 2009

He died of a broken heart....sacrifical love...

This morning in my quiet time, I was doing some Bible reading for awana, then working on a awana section. In the Bible reading, i read Psalms 19-24. When i got to Psalm 22, I noticed that I had that particular Psalm filled with notes in the margins from a sermon that was preached on this passage of scripture.

Line by line, this scripture was talking of what was to come many years later on the cross. Verses 1-21 were speaking of the agony that Christ went through on the cross. Verses 22-31 were songs of praise to God.

One particular note that I had written at the time caught my attention. It was in refrence to verse 14, which says
"I am poured out like water,
And all my bones are out of joint;
My heart is like wax;
It is melted withing me."
The note that I had written out in the margin for this verse said, "Jesus died, not because of the torture that he went through, but of a broken heart." WOW! The only time i have ever heard of someone dying of a broken heart and it was Christ!
That shows how much we mean to Him. It shows how horrible our sins are. It shows how devestating being seperated from God the father was. Christ didn't care that "all his bones were out of joint" or that that he was beaten and bruised till he was unrecognizable. It says "My Heart is like wax; it has melted within me." Christ heart was broken....he died of a broken heart....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Studying, Smallville, Full House, Egg Nog...and sinus issues...

So this thanksgiving weekend has been a very lazy one. Actually, my entire thanksgiving break has been rather lazy. All i have really done has been studying for the Geometry and Physics test that i have after break, watch television, and exercise.

My week went like this:

Monday- did history and literature homeowork, studied physics for an hour, studied geometry for an hour, exercised........watched Smallville

Tuesday- studied physics and geometry for an hour each, exercised....Watched Smallville

Wednesday- same as tuesday...Started Full house season one

Thursday- school

Friday- feeling bad because of sinuses, a little physics studying watched full house

Today (Saturday)- same thing except for the fact that i studied geometry instead of physics...continued watching full house (up to season five....)

hopfully i will be able to make a good grade on my math and science test (i am doing rather aweful in those subjects at the moment...those have never been my strong subjects...)

Other pictures from thanksgiving have been put on facebook!! I will put them on another post shortly.......

Oh!! i got to have some egg nog today!! it feels like christmas!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving has come....and gone....

So yesterday was thanksgiving.
The day that the pilgrims shared a large meal with the Indians.
A day set aside, allowing us to remember who and what we are thankful for (although we should be thanksful for these things every day we are alive).

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving!! I did. My mom and i were invited to a friends to celebrate with them and their family.

It is quite nice out in Pineland, South Carolina. That is were the friends live.

This is their awesome log cabin that The Nicholas's (our friends that invited us for thanksgiving) live in. It looks almost exactly like my aunts house!!!

When we got there, we said hello to everyone before Mr. Steve (our host) said the blessing. After we ate, some of us ladies went out to the porch to relaxe and play with a puppy and take picture.

Finally after we let our food digest, Mr. Seve decided that my mom and I were going to do some target shooting. Mr. Steve said that my mom and I were going to do this when he invited us for thanksgiving. Instead of me telling you how it was, lets hope these picture explain for themselves....

Our target....yes we shot this......

Mr. Steve explaining how to aim and use the hand gun

Me shooting the hand gun.....

My mom shooting a shot gun...thing

This is John, (one of my best friends and Mr. Steve's son) showing us how to use the machine gun looking....thing....

As you can see...i have know gun knowledge
So i think it went well.....i have more picutres of thanksgiving, but there not on my camera. I have to wait for them to be uploaded to facebook before i can get them....but you'll see more of thanksgiving soon...i

Monday, November 23, 2009, its been a while....oops!

Ok so i realize that it has been a really long time since i posted....really sorry about that. so much stuff has been going on...too much to type!!!

So point in posting tominght was to let you know that i uploaded a new video to youtube: checkout

my video is of me singing a song called "Beautiful Ending by Barlowgirl

ok so i will try to be more regular about posting.....ttyl

rock and roll