Wednesday, April 17, 2013

i'm going to want to be a midwife after this paper.

so as our final research paper for my intro to journalism class, we are to write a feature article.
ya know, one of those articles that has three to four different parts to it? my teacher (who, besides my advisor, is my favorite teacher EVER) is haveing us do a three part feature article, while giving us the saying,

"a three legged stool doesn't wobble."

so with that being said, my prfessor wanted us to choose a topic that was generally "current" and said that it would also help if we chose something that interested us, with the exception of certain topics, one of them being one that i don't blame him for pulling the plug on.

so i chose my topic on something that's of interest to me: birthing options.
why this is interesting to me, i don't know.
maybe it's the fact that my dream/ goal in life, God-willing, is to be a wife and mom.
maybe it's because i'm pro life and birth is beautiful.
maybe it's because women's bodies are amazing considering the fact that we can carry another human being in side of us for nine months and then get it out of our bodies.

**funny story: while doing some research babies and births, i found a book entitled "get me out". hahahaha.

so yeah. that's what i'm doing this week and next, along with a bum-load of other things, things that ya'll will probably hear about dpending on whether or not i like it.

we'll see what happens.

i have a good feeling that i'm going to want to become a midwife or doula after all this research.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

monthly resolutions: april

so...ya'll know how at the beginning of each year
everybody and their uncle's dog are gearing up to make "new years resolutions"?
yeah. i'm not one of those people.
i don't normally make resolutions because i know that i won't come through with them.

but i saw this lovely idea on this lovely lady's blog and i thought to myself
 "maybe month by month resolutions would be better?"

so i'm going to try it out.
and i figure it will be a good way to keep myself accountable
knowing that people are reading this.

1. spend more time in the Word.
this is something i struggle with and i know dang well i need to get back to it.
and that's that.

2. get more excercise.
this can consist of a number of things: walking, running, biking, SOMETHING other than my normal bouncing back and forth around campus. that just isn't cutting it. and i need to stick with it AT LEAST three times a week. for ATEAST 30 minutes to an hour. i went on a bike ride yesterday and the day before it was simply the best. thing. ever.

3. eat more fruits and veggies.
i have been really trying to eat better
(in terms of portions and what i'm eating completely)
and have become very interested in nutrition in general.
 the only issue is adding even more of these yummy colorful edibles.

4. budget better.
i have made budget's before BUT i have two jobs and it's hard to budget properly when one job pays you every two weeks at a consistent amount and the other pays you every week but the amount changes based on sales.......sheesh.

what are you resolutions for april?

i'm linking up with kelli @ she learns as she goes!

i've been nominated......AGAIN. #VBAs

well goodness gracious.
my- lanta.
good golly.
 gee willikers
....and anymore corny, old fashioned sayings you can think of.

i've been nominated by my dear friend, Alyse, for the Versatile Blogger Award!
she's a gem.

weeeeeeeee. an official picture button thing and everything!

so, has does everything else, there are rules to this game thing:

-put a link to the blog of the person that nominated you.
-select fifteen new blogs/bloggers you have recently discovered or follow regularly
-nominate these blogs for the VBA, leave a link to their page, and leave a comment on the most recent post that they have been nominated
-tell the person who nominated you 7 (seven?!) things about yourself

on to the seven things that Alyse already knows about me. ;)

1. unlike her, i drink coffee all the time. i have a passionate love for coffee.
2. giraffes are my favorite animal
3. boybands are my jam
4. 80's pop music helps me get so much accomplished; whether it be cleaning, or homework, give me some hall and oates and i'm good to go.
5. my life is the epitome of awkward. and i like it. but legitimately i'm just terribly awkward.
6. i have always wanted to work in a coffee shop. granted that things work out next semester, that might be happening.
7. i want to travel. i want to travel and get paid for it. do you understand how glorious that sounds? ROADTRIP.

now onto the 15 (?!) lovely blogs that i nominate!
Nicole @ The Sheas
Ashley @ Run With Me
Sydney @ the daybook
Casey @ the wiegands

some of these may be far fetched but these are all my favorite blogs to yeah.

enjoy you lovely loafs of love bread.