Thursday, April 4, 2013

i've been nominated......AGAIN. #VBAs

well goodness gracious.
my- lanta.
good golly.
 gee willikers
....and anymore corny, old fashioned sayings you can think of.

i've been nominated by my dear friend, Alyse, for the Versatile Blogger Award!
she's a gem.

weeeeeeeee. an official picture button thing and everything!

so, has does everything else, there are rules to this game thing:

-put a link to the blog of the person that nominated you.
-select fifteen new blogs/bloggers you have recently discovered or follow regularly
-nominate these blogs for the VBA, leave a link to their page, and leave a comment on the most recent post that they have been nominated
-tell the person who nominated you 7 (seven?!) things about yourself

on to the seven things that Alyse already knows about me. ;)

1. unlike her, i drink coffee all the time. i have a passionate love for coffee.
2. giraffes are my favorite animal
3. boybands are my jam
4. 80's pop music helps me get so much accomplished; whether it be cleaning, or homework, give me some hall and oates and i'm good to go.
5. my life is the epitome of awkward. and i like it. but legitimately i'm just terribly awkward.
6. i have always wanted to work in a coffee shop. granted that things work out next semester, that might be happening.
7. i want to travel. i want to travel and get paid for it. do you understand how glorious that sounds? ROADTRIP.

now onto the 15 (?!) lovely blogs that i nominate!
Nicole @ The Sheas
Ashley @ Run With Me
Sydney @ the daybook
Casey @ the wiegands

some of these may be far fetched but these are all my favorite blogs to yeah.

enjoy you lovely loafs of love bread.

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