about caroline.

hi people! i'm so honored that you would stop by my little space, here in the vast internet world. and it looks like you have started at the right place- clearly you want to know more about this writer. 

well, i can help you. 
being the author, i know a good deal about myself. 
and this blog.
 sort of.

about the blog:

"awkwardly caroline" is a blog dedicated to life and all the weirdness it brings. through this space i hope and pray to encourage and entertain through my writings about my lifestyle, my travels (which have slowly become greater in the last couple years, for which i'm thankful), food (i've been experimenting massively in this area, #vegan/#vegetarian), and awkward amounts of honesty.

i feel this blog is unique in the sense that it is an ongoing series of regurgitated thoughts about my life and things and experience that i find fascinating. and yes, while they may be fascinating, they are told in a very awkward manner.

about the author:

my name is caroline.  
i actually know a lot more about other things rather than myself.
i'm a 24 year old barista in the cutest small town that you will ever find in the low-country. 
sometimes i'm funny, but most of the time i'm just awkward.
 i also tend to be a silly goblet of red-headed passion fruit.
my passion is music, words, talking and learning about people, and working with teenagers.
now right off the bat, that sounds just plain weird- working with teenagers? 
what i mean by this: i'm actively involved in the youth ministry at my church. i believe that ages of 13-18 is an awkward transition period, for obvious reasons (i.e. puberty. gross), and because this is the time where they are beginning to make their own decisions and form their own opinions on many different things. this is the time where we, as older adults need to pump Jesus in their veins. not in the sense of shoving it down their throats, but rather in a away that impacts their life to make decisions and form opinions based on Him.

i started this blog waaaaaay back in 2009 when i was in my awkward highschool years, because of the movie The Perfect Man.  Hilary Duff's character blogged and for some reason it seemed to interest me.

and here we are today.

i also love to write more than i actually expected to and have recently unlocked this other way of writing that i didn't know i had.

i've developed this love of travel and seeing and experiencing different places.

i have recently started eating very differently than i ever had as a means of discovery and health. (check out the insta @awkwardlycrunchy)

and i want to share that with you all here.

thanks for either considering or straight up following me on this weird little writing journey!

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