Thursday, January 26, 2012

the awkward moment when...

i swear.

i ABSOLUTELY LOVE blogging about my awkward moments. this could explain why i only end up blogging once a week-i'm too focused on noticing my awkward moments and writing them down so i don't forget.

i need to find other things to blog about.

i need to take more pictures.

i need to...

oh poop. i'm getting off topic.


...when you miss a step and almost die.
ok. yes, that is an exaggeration. while I DID MISS A STEP, i managed to make it look like i was just jumping to the ground. lesson here? never mess with your phone when walking down stairs.

...when you are given an in-class writing assignment and a student writes something, then begins chuckling at his/her work.
you'd think he was planning how to take over the world or something or to revolt or something. *shivers* geez man. way to be creepy.

...when someone is talking really loud in a quiet class room.
it made me question whether or not she had cotton in her ears or something. HONEY CHILD, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOUR BUSINESS. thank you.

...when one of your coworkers describes being all warm and cozy by saying, "i was as warm as a kitten in a window sill." and, i guess, that is an accurate statement.

...when your teacher reads "beauty" as "booty". the thing about this one is that, i MAY have been the only one who noticed this. so to it sounded like she read, "enhancing your natural booty can be done in a few easy steps." hmm...what is this natural booty that you speak of?

...when another teacher is reading a story with some...*ahem*...strong language, but he KEEPS SAYING IT OVER AND OVER AND.......i was about to hit something. ok, not really, but it was getting uncomfortable.

...when yet ANOTHER teacher refers to marie antoinette as the "austrian female dog" but uses another word for female dog. yep. she called her that, alright.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

the awkward moment when.....

it's my favorite blogging day, BACK after a much too long hiatus.

the thing is that, other then taking a break, nothing awkward has happened.

this leads me to believe ONE THING:

awkward moments happened when school is in session.

note: what you're about to read,

are things that have happened

over the last TWO WEEKS.

...when, on the first day of class, your teacher tells you that he is going to go over what goes on in the class and then says that "ya'll are going to do something at the end of class that you never woke up thinking you were going to do." and then the fright sets in......

...when "what we never woke up expecting to do" in class was having him reading a children's book to the entire class as if we were four. yep, NOT expecting that.

...when your class mate has on a inappropriate shirt. seriously, who wants to see THAT on someones shirt. honestly.

...when your spanish teacher is freakishly good at remembering everyone's names after ONE CLASS.

...when there is a new printing system at work. it's had some glitches.....and it's been interesting.

...when there is a new student in class and she starts asking you about the class. what was awkward about this? the fact that she asked if the teacher was straight or not.

...when you learn that one of your teachers listens to Beyonce'. yeah i know that's not a big deal, it just struck me as odd. i mean COME ONE. every student has this vision of teachers NOT listening to the same music they do. not that i listen to Beyonce' in particular, i'm just sayin...

...when you learn how obnoxiously happy Hello Kitty is. really. SHE IS REALLY HAPPY.

...when you practically pull out a clump of hair from your head. all i was trying to do was remove my pony tail holder...and it got stuck.

...when you're walking back to your car with an umbrella, and it ALL YOU CAN DO not to start dancing like you're Fred Astaire. i really had the urge to but i was walking past a building with windows. people could probably see me. not going to dance like Fred Astaire for them today.

...when your teacher doesn't finish spelling something on the white board because she is getting pumped about what she is teaching.

...when you try to fill up your water bottle while the lid is still on. it doesn't work folks, in case you were wondering. IT DOESN'T WORK.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

things that make me laugh.

hey ya'll!

i have more funny pictures. if you have seen me in the library that i work in, then you probably have caught me laughing at my desk. these are VERY FEW of the reasons why i laugh.

confession: i have a folder on my computer dedicated to funny pictures such as these.

if i'm not working on homework, it's because i'm on pinterest, looking at these comical pictures.

confession: i ALSO have a board on pinterest dedicated to funny pictures such as these.

why you ask? for i dearly love to laugh


love me some jim halpert.


very true

if light shown out my bum, i would never be glum.

because i am forever hunting for elephants in WALMART. SERIOUSLY.

dear future baby,
please make this face while i kiss
your soft-as-your-bum cheek.

darn straight

instruct, instruct, instruct me how to douglas.....get it???

i WILL do this to someone when listening to the song.
not the fire part, but the face part

i know. crazy right?

i have nothing else to say.

*in a british accent* and it shall be grand!

and what a happy place that would be.

yep. you got those lyrics HEAD ON.

let's hope for choice B.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 in review...

hey ya'll! sorry for the extremely long hiatus, but i'm back and hope to be a regular blogger this year.

right now i'm going to do something that i saw on this lovely lady's blog.

and so here is this past year in pictures:

September 2011 (i stupidly forgot to put the month on the card)

1. rang in the new year with friends at Winter fest! 2. got to babysit some awesome children
3. went on a choir trip and meet these sweet lady's 4. spent time with some best friends.
5. attended my LAST HIGH SCHOOL CLASS EVER and spent it with these two lovelies.
6. graduated from high school. 7. spent 3 weeks in china. 8. started college and celebrated a birthday of a dear friend. 9. celebrated my 19th birthday. 10. saw the three musketeers with alyse! 11. spent thanksgiving with one of my best friends (not pictured). 12. went to a fun christmas party and swapped cute gloves.

hope everyone had a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!