Thursday, January 19, 2012

the awkward moment when.....

it's my favorite blogging day, BACK after a much too long hiatus.

the thing is that, other then taking a break, nothing awkward has happened.

this leads me to believe ONE THING:

awkward moments happened when school is in session.

note: what you're about to read,

are things that have happened

over the last TWO WEEKS.

...when, on the first day of class, your teacher tells you that he is going to go over what goes on in the class and then says that "ya'll are going to do something at the end of class that you never woke up thinking you were going to do." and then the fright sets in......

...when "what we never woke up expecting to do" in class was having him reading a children's book to the entire class as if we were four. yep, NOT expecting that.

...when your class mate has on a inappropriate shirt. seriously, who wants to see THAT on someones shirt. honestly.

...when your spanish teacher is freakishly good at remembering everyone's names after ONE CLASS.

...when there is a new printing system at work. it's had some glitches.....and it's been interesting.

...when there is a new student in class and she starts asking you about the class. what was awkward about this? the fact that she asked if the teacher was straight or not.

...when you learn that one of your teachers listens to Beyonce'. yeah i know that's not a big deal, it just struck me as odd. i mean COME ONE. every student has this vision of teachers NOT listening to the same music they do. not that i listen to Beyonce' in particular, i'm just sayin...

...when you learn how obnoxiously happy Hello Kitty is. really. SHE IS REALLY HAPPY.

...when you practically pull out a clump of hair from your head. all i was trying to do was remove my pony tail holder...and it got stuck.

...when you're walking back to your car with an umbrella, and it ALL YOU CAN DO not to start dancing like you're Fred Astaire. i really had the urge to but i was walking past a building with windows. people could probably see me. not going to dance like Fred Astaire for them today.

...when your teacher doesn't finish spelling something on the white board because she is getting pumped about what she is teaching.

...when you try to fill up your water bottle while the lid is still on. it doesn't work folks, in case you were wondering. IT DOESN'T WORK.

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