Thursday, May 1, 2014


today is a special day. 

one of my very best best BEST FRIENDS enters her 20's. and i am so excited for her.
this best friend, is the da best. she is loving, caring, loyal, and quite funny. she get's in a momma bear mode if necessary,  and tolerates my rambles. she is one of the few that gets me. even if i'm being the weirdest form of weird, she still loves me.

 and she's marrying the one of the nicest guy's.

 casey, you're a lucky man.

danielle, you da best girl. 
you da, you da best.
 love you and hope you have the happiest day of birth ever. 

i want to do this thing where i blog more often and blog about the people i love on their birthdays.
 if your one of those said loved ones and didn't get a blog post....ooops.
 i wish this idea popped into my head earlier.
 but you'll get your chance next year. 
love you!