Thursday, October 27, 2011

the awkward moment when.....

there are ALOT of awkward moments in store for today......
you are about to be bombarded...... think about your week realize that nothing too terribly awkward has happened thus far. you then began to panic slightly. as soon as you begin to panic, the awkward moments begin flowing. for some reason you feel relieved. you were worried for a second because you wondered if maybe you were knocked unconscious without knowing it.

....when your in the bathroom, with soap on your hands, ready to wash, and the automatic sink DOES NOT COME ON. BEGIN PANIC.....NOW.....

....when you sit around on a sunday afternoon, looking through sparknotes articles, and LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY AT THE CREATIVITY ON THAT SITE. LIKE YOUR HIGH. but of course, you are not high. that would be very wrong.

....when your coworker, who played golf over the weekend, tell you that she "hit the doopey poopy out of the ball" (or something like that)

....when the same coworker, after hearing the alarm go off (BECAUSE APPARENTLY NO ONE CAN READ THE SIGNS ON THE DOORS), says that somebody pulled a "naughty no no."

....when your sitting in the bathroom stall, minding your business while doing your business, and you hear a great deal of toilet paper rustling. no problem there. then, not a second later, you hear EVEN MORE rustling of the TP. and what is going through my mind is, "ARE YOU DYING? WHY DO YOU NEED SO MUCH TOILET PAPER."

....when you rush in to the building, rush into class, sit down, the realize that you have had your jacket on inside out for like 15 minutes. FAIL.

....when you walk in to poli sci class, and your class mate has Selena Gomez playing. now, i have no objection to Selena Gomez. however when your class mate is a dude, and a country boy, and HE LIKES Selena Gomez......well, it's interesting to say the least.

....when your shelf reading, and you come across a book entitled, "lipstick jihad." WHAT??

....when you hold the door open for a guy and a girl and the girl says 'thank you', but her dude friend just grunts. LIKE AN ANIMAL. ok that's a lie, but still. USE YOUR WORDS MAN. IT'S NOT THAT HARD.

....when your day is made by a book called "higgely piggly pop." YES. GIBBERISH FOR THE WIN.

....when you read the word "Counts" as " Coconuts". yes friends, I AM A SWELL READER.

....when some dude thinks that his number was written down, on SOMETHING HE LEFT IN THE LIBRARY, joking suggests that it was looked up for a date. YOU SIR, are very secure in your attractiveness. and while you are very nice to look at (ain't gonna lie about that) , THAT IS NOT WHY YOUR NUMBER WAS LOOKED UP. does that line normally work for you? deflate that head of yours. or i will.

....when you go out to your car on the night of the haunted forest at your school and you realize that your are parked VERY CLOSE TO THE FOREST. you know this because you hear chainsaws and screaming. and is reason enough in it self NOT to participate. college students have sick minds.

....when you comeback inside from your car and swear that you hear screams coming from the bathroom and/or elevator.

....when you open up your sealed drink and the seal breaking is so loud that you hear it echo across the practically empty library. MY BAD. SORRY.

....when you shake up said bottle and find out you for got to tighten the cap because some of the liquid just spilled all over your hands.

....when you repeat the above moment at least two more times. you realize that YOU. ARE. SO. AWESOME.

....when the library is very empty. someone then takes advantage of the silence and decided to hawk some PRETTY MAJOR LOOGIES. over and over and over......ARE YOU DYING? CAN'T YOU GET IT OUT IN ONE MAJOR HAAAAWWWWK. serioulsy.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

have you ever wondered...

have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on a caffeine drip?

like a legit IV, pumping massive amounts of caffeine into your system?

wouldn't this be a beautiful thing?

now i don't want to see anyone comment on here or on facebook saying how illogical or bad for you that would be.

just let me have that daydream in peace, por favor.

gracias. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

nutella hot chocolate. holy moly.

so i tried Jamie's, over at awesomely awkward, nutella hot chocolate recipe......

holy flipping cow bells (i came up with that one myself).......that stuff right there should be illegal. HEAVENLY.

i did do a little something different though. i added kirkland signature organic vanilla soy milk instead of regular milk. then followed the recipe verbatim.

(sorry for the back wards pic. i took it on photo-booth and i have no idea how to fix it.)

try it's to die for.

Friday, October 21, 2011

all for one and one for all......

alyse and i spent the day in bluffton and hilton head today.

we went to see the three 3D.
oh flipping was AWESOME.
i can't stand how great it was.

this lovely dude, Matthew Macfayden, was in it,
which made me super excited because
i LOVED LOVED LOVED HIM as mr darcy in the newer pride and prejudice.

also this attractive kid was in it.
logan lerman.
most would associate him with that percy jackson movie that i never saw.
i associate him with HOOT.
he has grown up since then...and is very handsome.
i loved him in the movie.

then we decided to be super cool and take some pictures after the movie....

when i see something in three dimension, this is how i usually go through the movie.
lifting my classes up and down so stuff doesn't fly in my face.

yeah. fun day. awesome movie. strange girls. this is what we do when we have fall break.

we MAKE a day. yeah.....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

free is good. free coffee is ten times better.

today calls for two posts.......

you know who is awesome?

the girl that works at the starbucks at school.

today, because of fall break, she closed early, but gave us some free coffee since she would have to pour what was left over out anyways. and do you know what is even better then the free part?


with my favorite flavor: coconut.



and what makes this no.....COMPLETELY perfect.....

yes ma'am, the giraffes on the cup.

if you know me you know i love me some giraffe. :)

the awkward moment when.....

and we begin: make a to do list and forget what you wanted to do...........*facepalm*

....someone is taking a picture with professional flash and some one is caught off guard by it. the awkward part is that said person almost walks into a wall while shouting the F WORD. really dude? you have just presented everyone in the library with the amount of intelligence that you have. naughty. are doing your job of counting how many people are in the library (and i repeat, this is much easier then it sounds. it's for statistics so i have been told) and you walk by the collaborative lab and find two people playing chess. interesting. and strange......

......quietly taking my anger out on computer because it is not as fast as i needed it to be in that very second. my computer is plenty fast with the right internet connection, i was just being impatient. and we could say that some people noticed a little...

..... your sperry's (shoes) keep coming untied. geez....i feel like a flipping preschooler.

.....your shoes make a flatulent noise while walking. it wasn't loud or anything, but i swear that others probably heard it. I WAS MY SHOES PEOPLE, I SWEAR. i don't walk around and flatulate as i go.... carry books for ONE class and it weighs the same amount as a small child does. this causes you to carry it on your hip AS IF IT WERE A SMALL CHILD. i'm not crazy, i promise i'm not. i just need to shift the weight to another area.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WOOOOOOO HOOO! major excitment going on over here.

Hi Friends!

short post today. sorry!

but i'm super excited!

i have had the privilege to do an interview with Kylee, over at her blog :

super excited!!!!!!!!!!

go check it out!

and be sure to stop by here tomorrow for the weekly "the awkward moment when....." to hear what awkwardness i have gotten myself in to in this past week.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

did you know?

did you know friends, that it IS possible to smash your hand in the car door? well, IT IS.

not that this is something that i think about, but it happened to me the other night. i smashed my hand in the car door. not enough to break it (i hope...haha) but enough to case my hand pain and startle the living crap out of me.

and you want to know the kicker? I SMASHED THE HAND THE AT WRITE WITH.
oh. yes. i. did.

i can still write though......of course i wouldn't hurt my hand enough to not be able to use it.

yes so............there was no point to this.

i just thought i would share.

happy tuesday.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the awkward moment when.....

this week has been, to put it nicely,
but no matter, because guess what day it is........
yes friends it's that time.
time for "the awkward moment when..." post for the week.

here goes nothing..... forget how to spell you're own name. yes. it IS possible. i don't even remember the circumstance for me to forget. all i know is that i was typing and looked up at the screen (no i cannot type with out looking at the key board) and saw that my name was spelled incorrectly. I. FEEL. SO. SMART. for realllll......

.....once you forget how to spell you're name, YOU FORGET HOW TO SPELL EVERYTHING AFTER THAT. talk about a MAJOR BRAIN FART.

......when your deodorant decides to fail. yes my current deodorant fails to keep me deodorized all day. don't worry. i have fixed the problem.

...when a dude, who is either being chased by a killer or has to go really bad, rushes into the girls bathroom, realizes where he is (because i am standing at the sink washing my hands) and quickly leaves. thanks dude. you're so reassuring. you made me doubt whether or not I was in the correct bathroom.......

.....when you are doing your job of counting how many people are in the library (don't worry, it's easier then it sounds) and someone looks up at you, JUST TO LOOK. doesn't need anything, just looking. wow. make me feel stupid because i'm doing my job. YOU'RE AWESOME.

so my dears, hope you have been entertained yet again by my life. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i hate this feeling...

i don't feel right to day. i'm hot. then i'm cold. then i'm hot. then i'm cold.

well maybe it's not that quick but still......i just don't feel right.

don't you hate that feeling?

i do. it's VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. it makes me want to slip on some pj's. but i can't. i'm working.

maybe this feeling will go away before the day is done. either that or i'm getting sick. i hope not.

oh well. just needed to express for a bit.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

the awkward moment when.....

hi friends! its that time of the week again. ready for some of my awkward moments??

......leaving class you just randomly drop your rolling backpack in the middle of the walk way on the way to work. it stuck to some random groove on the path and i somehow manage to LET GO AND LET IT FALL. no i looked like the idiot who dropped their ROLLING BACKPACK. yay.........
(the rolling backpack: something which one of my lovely class mates said they hadn't seen since middle school. thanks. it's ALL I HAVE FOR A BOOK BAG. otherwise i wouldn't be using it either. trust me.)

.....i did the SAME THING with a water bottle while on my way to work. i was just heading to my job, MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS, when, BAM...i somehow let got of my water bottle and it slammed to the ground. lovely.

.....shelving books the other day, and i came across a book titled...well to be tactful, it was titled "the-opposite-of-heterosexual desires in Shakespeare's England." nuff said.

......getting in the swirly, spinny, chairs at work and accidentally pushing myself halfway across my desk area. THEN having to pull my self pack, which normally wouldn't be hard, except for the fact that these spinny rolling chairs are on CARPET. it practically takes and act of congress to pull oneself pack into position.

.......random bugs have a certain fascination with my hair. i recently colored my hair strawberry blonde on top and dark auburn underneath. twice this week, TWICE. a bug has randomly flown around my neck and hair. (sounding like a small helicopter, mind you) this caused me to appear as if i was having an aneurysm or something because i was flinging my hands around my head to shoo it away. the next time, i feel something fall on my head. i reach up to touch it AND IT BUZZES. this left me to brush my hair with my fingers for like FIVE MINUTES trying to be sure it was gone.

......i accidentally let out a burst of excitement IN THE LIBRARY. yeah..........not going to go into much detail on that one. i just got happy about something. them i screamed a little......SORRY.


have you ever noticed that this blog contains ALOT of awkward moment stories? i have.

but i find them fun to write, and hopefully relatable and entertaining to others.

hope you find them as entertaining as i.....:)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

and then i sliced my finger and had to get a tetanus shot...

so today i was going to help a dear friend move. but first my mom and myself had to go to the dump.

and that's when it happened.

we were doing what you usually do at the dump (ya know the drill, take out the garbage and put it in the huge green trash eaters). i went to grab the last bag, and all of the sudden, something in that trash bag, SLICED MY FINGER OPEN.

i thought it was ALOT worse then it actually was, mainly because of the amount of blood that came out all of the sudden.

my mom "rushed me" to the low-country urgent care down the road. turns out it wasn't NEAR AS BAD as i thought.

and almost 200 dollars later.............

i come out with a PINK BANDAGE and a tetanus shot. yes i realize that the bandage in the picture is NOT pink. i changed it. :)

it was quite the riveting day.......