Thursday, October 6, 2011

the awkward moment when.....

hi friends! its that time of the week again. ready for some of my awkward moments??

......leaving class you just randomly drop your rolling backpack in the middle of the walk way on the way to work. it stuck to some random groove on the path and i somehow manage to LET GO AND LET IT FALL. no i looked like the idiot who dropped their ROLLING BACKPACK. yay.........
(the rolling backpack: something which one of my lovely class mates said they hadn't seen since middle school. thanks. it's ALL I HAVE FOR A BOOK BAG. otherwise i wouldn't be using it either. trust me.)

.....i did the SAME THING with a water bottle while on my way to work. i was just heading to my job, MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS, when, BAM...i somehow let got of my water bottle and it slammed to the ground. lovely.

.....shelving books the other day, and i came across a book titled...well to be tactful, it was titled "the-opposite-of-heterosexual desires in Shakespeare's England." nuff said.

......getting in the swirly, spinny, chairs at work and accidentally pushing myself halfway across my desk area. THEN having to pull my self pack, which normally wouldn't be hard, except for the fact that these spinny rolling chairs are on CARPET. it practically takes and act of congress to pull oneself pack into position.

.......random bugs have a certain fascination with my hair. i recently colored my hair strawberry blonde on top and dark auburn underneath. twice this week, TWICE. a bug has randomly flown around my neck and hair. (sounding like a small helicopter, mind you) this caused me to appear as if i was having an aneurysm or something because i was flinging my hands around my head to shoo it away. the next time, i feel something fall on my head. i reach up to touch it AND IT BUZZES. this left me to brush my hair with my fingers for like FIVE MINUTES trying to be sure it was gone.

......i accidentally let out a burst of excitement IN THE LIBRARY. yeah..........not going to go into much detail on that one. i just got happy about something. them i screamed a little......SORRY.


have you ever noticed that this blog contains ALOT of awkward moment stories? i have.

but i find them fun to write, and hopefully relatable and entertaining to others.

hope you find them as entertaining as i.....:)


Alyse Bingham said...

Yes, you did give quite an outburst in the library, didn't you? ;)

And no, you do NOT want a normal backpack . . . I'll be a hunchback in two years; you realize this, right?

TriGirl said...

Stopping by from FTLOB. Too funny! The rolly chair on the carpet is quite a workout!