Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i hate this feeling...

i don't feel right to day. i'm hot. then i'm cold. then i'm hot. then i'm cold.

well maybe it's not that quick but still......i just don't feel right.

don't you hate that feeling?

i do. it's VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. it makes me want to slip on some pj's. but i can't. i'm working.

maybe this feeling will go away before the day is done. either that or i'm getting sick. i hope not.

oh well. just needed to express for a bit.



Melu103 said...

maybe you have a fever hun?
tha's what usually happens to me when
my temperature is high

feel better!


Melu103 said...

by the way
i dont see my blog button up
let me know what happened :)

Sincerely, Kylee said...

You could GET sick tho, going from hot to cold always makes me sick. Get ready, it's flu season! :)

Madalyn said...

eww I hate that feeling too! I hope that you feel better tomorrow! I always find that drinking some tea with honey makes me feel much better! (So does a disney movie and kitkat bars... :) )

Mz E said...

awww, hope you feel better. *smile*

SweetCaroline said...

thanks ya'll. i am much better. <3