Thursday, October 13, 2011

the awkward moment when.....

this week has been, to put it nicely,
but no matter, because guess what day it is........
yes friends it's that time.
time for "the awkward moment when..." post for the week.

here goes nothing..... forget how to spell you're own name. yes. it IS possible. i don't even remember the circumstance for me to forget. all i know is that i was typing and looked up at the screen (no i cannot type with out looking at the key board) and saw that my name was spelled incorrectly. I. FEEL. SO. SMART. for realllll......

.....once you forget how to spell you're name, YOU FORGET HOW TO SPELL EVERYTHING AFTER THAT. talk about a MAJOR BRAIN FART.

......when your deodorant decides to fail. yes my current deodorant fails to keep me deodorized all day. don't worry. i have fixed the problem.

...when a dude, who is either being chased by a killer or has to go really bad, rushes into the girls bathroom, realizes where he is (because i am standing at the sink washing my hands) and quickly leaves. thanks dude. you're so reassuring. you made me doubt whether or not I was in the correct bathroom.......

.....when you are doing your job of counting how many people are in the library (don't worry, it's easier then it sounds) and someone looks up at you, JUST TO LOOK. doesn't need anything, just looking. wow. make me feel stupid because i'm doing my job. YOU'RE AWESOME.

so my dears, hope you have been entertained yet again by my life. :)

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