Saturday, October 26, 2013

this week.

*watching a lecture on biblical counseling/ the coffee product i'm addicted to/ i've become a pro at making pumpkin spice lattes/ i got a bunch of new guitar picks, suited for my needs, that i'll probably lose in a week/ the cover of my developmental psych book is horrifying*

this has been my week.
 snuggling up with a pumpkin spice latte, doing homework.
 and with the recent temperature drop here in beaufort, the whole snuggling-up-with-a-cup-of-coffee thing can actually be a thing.

i think i have re-fallen in love with the colder weather.

what has your week been looking like?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

i did a thing: hair.

i did a thing. i colored my hair. 
it's the first time that i have done it since the spring?

shameful i know.

these ladies helped me.

technically, footsie pajamas (danielle) decided she was going to bed. so it was just pink shirt (cara) who colored my hair. 

we learned that night that my hair now requires two boxes of color. yikes.

so here it is!

i dig it.
i think i'll keep it.

any excuse to post a clip from the office.

i'm going to throw something out there that i have yet to mention:
i am a die hard the office fan. 

this has been yet another psa.

i also happen to currently reading in my developmental psych class, about Pavlov and his classical conditioning theory/ experiment.

have you heard of it? i hope so. it's rather fascinating.

but if you haven't heard of it, this is the best explanation: 
a clip from the office.


my apologies for jim's mouth at the very beginning.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

real talk: on taking your lady out to dinner

i want to address something that has me a bit peeved. 
consider this a psa.

i observed last night at a restaurant a young man who had brought his lady out for a meal. upon finishing their meal and paying, i happened to notice the gentleman hand the waitress a ten dollar bill and a debit card saying, 
"put ten dollars on then pay the rest with the card."

*insert face palm*

now you're probably thinking,
dang caroline. stare/eavesdrop much? 
yes actually.
 just kidding. 
sort of.

my beef with the above mentioned story is the fact that we all know good and well that if he paid for their bill with cash AND credit, he most definitely did NOT leave that waitress a tip.

now let's be straight up for a second. here's a new "rule of thumb" to add to the already huge list that the world has made.

if ya ain't gonna tip, take your lady to a fast food joint.
they get paid minimum wage. 
waitresses/ waiters get paid waaaaay less an hour.

end. of. story.

and that's all i got to say about that.


i was also told that my standards were too high for the guys in my age group. 
well too freaking bad. 
there is no excuse for situations like said story or lack of manners in general.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

my tagline.

at my job a couple weeks ago, my manager and i were talking about how awkward i am.
see, the thing is, i'm just really awkward. 

it's kinda sad.

but i know we have talked about this before. 

my awkwardness had gotten to the point lately though where i just don't know when to stop. and then something awkward comes out of my mouth. or my arms do something strange. same thing could go for my legs. 
who knows.
things just might get really weird, really fast.

example. i'll be trying very hard to be funny and one wrong move and it becomes awkward. i could have left the joke, situation or whatever as it was and it would have been fine, but nooooooooooo. i have to take it one step further.
and kablam. things get awkward.

this is just my life.

so with all this being said, it was decided that a tagline could be made of this. if you're not sure what a tagline is...well, look it up. google if you have too.
also, feel free to use this tagline when telling people about me. ;)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


this is a psa.
i apologize for the unplanned hiatus from blogging.
this has been a psa. 

anyways...during my time off from this place i have currently been....

loving the fact that minus some still-kinda-warm-days, fall has finally almost gotten here in the lowcountry. fall.....i love fall. i have missed fall.

doing school. and waitressing. did i mention that i became a waitress? no? ooops.

thinking about lots of things lately. about seasons, particularly seasons of life and the current one that i am in. also, i have been thinking about how is till want to go hiking and on a long road trip with my best friends.

watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix and i am stinking hooked. it took a really long time for me to get into three seasons. but now i'm in it and i ship ben and leslie so hard.

feeling at peace. God's peace is literally a glorious thing, and He has recently bestowed it on me during a weird time in my life. but i am at peace and it is very good.

smelling a number of things but specifically the smells of my hometown and the reminder that fall is here; marsh and burning leaves. mmmmmmmmhmmmmmm.

eating all kinds of things. lately its been crap, but don't we all go through periods of eating junky things? but the two things i love right now are on two opposite sides of the spectrum: birthday cake oreos and spaghetti squash. weird, but both of these things are lovely.

listening to music, obviously. when am i not listening to music?