Thursday, October 10, 2013

my tagline.

at my job a couple weeks ago, my manager and i were talking about how awkward i am.
see, the thing is, i'm just really awkward. 

it's kinda sad.

but i know we have talked about this before. 

my awkwardness had gotten to the point lately though where i just don't know when to stop. and then something awkward comes out of my mouth. or my arms do something strange. same thing could go for my legs. 
who knows.
things just might get really weird, really fast.

example. i'll be trying very hard to be funny and one wrong move and it becomes awkward. i could have left the joke, situation or whatever as it was and it would have been fine, but nooooooooooo. i have to take it one step further.
and kablam. things get awkward.

this is just my life.

so with all this being said, it was decided that a tagline could be made of this. if you're not sure what a tagline is...well, look it up. google if you have too.
also, feel free to use this tagline when telling people about me. ;)


Noor said...

Oh girrrl , I can understand!!!

Caroline Gant said...

so glad i'm not alone. :)