Wednesday, October 9, 2013


this is a psa.
i apologize for the unplanned hiatus from blogging.
this has been a psa. 

anyways...during my time off from this place i have currently been....

loving the fact that minus some still-kinda-warm-days, fall has finally almost gotten here in the lowcountry. fall.....i love fall. i have missed fall.

doing school. and waitressing. did i mention that i became a waitress? no? ooops.

thinking about lots of things lately. about seasons, particularly seasons of life and the current one that i am in. also, i have been thinking about how is till want to go hiking and on a long road trip with my best friends.

watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix and i am stinking hooked. it took a really long time for me to get into three seasons. but now i'm in it and i ship ben and leslie so hard.

feeling at peace. God's peace is literally a glorious thing, and He has recently bestowed it on me during a weird time in my life. but i am at peace and it is very good.

smelling a number of things but specifically the smells of my hometown and the reminder that fall is here; marsh and burning leaves. mmmmmmmmhmmmmmm.

eating all kinds of things. lately its been crap, but don't we all go through periods of eating junky things? but the two things i love right now are on two opposite sides of the spectrum: birthday cake oreos and spaghetti squash. weird, but both of these things are lovely.

listening to music, obviously. when am i not listening to music?

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