Saturday, October 26, 2013

this week.

*watching a lecture on biblical counseling/ the coffee product i'm addicted to/ i've become a pro at making pumpkin spice lattes/ i got a bunch of new guitar picks, suited for my needs, that i'll probably lose in a week/ the cover of my developmental psych book is horrifying*

this has been my week.
 snuggling up with a pumpkin spice latte, doing homework.
 and with the recent temperature drop here in beaufort, the whole snuggling-up-with-a-cup-of-coffee thing can actually be a thing.

i think i have re-fallen in love with the colder weather.

what has your week been looking like?


Kate B said...

Now I want to buy hose Pumpkin Spice VIAs!! They look so good! I just got the hair mix from my aunt and make my own chai latte. Bad news bears because I drink them constantly now.

Caroline Gant said...

it's addicting. and unfortunately expensive. BUUUUUUUT. when you purchase it, there is a coupon for a dollar off. sweet sweet glorious victory.

Neisha Bella said...

pumpkin spice....mmmmmmm