Wednesday, November 13, 2013

a little coffee, a lot of Jesus, and people who get it.

we could call this the definition of my life lately.


on an unrelated note, super thankful for this girl.

there are not many people that understand what goes on him my head. 
she's one of the few exceptions.


Jennifer said...

but seriously...i love our friendship. love our conversations and our weird awkwardness...and i love that it's just us and its okay. love that i can be real with you.

thanks for a lovely date last night!

Caroline Gant said...

i love our friendship as well, my dear. you're the greatest.

Kate Brown said...


Caroline Gant said...

Thanks Kate. <3

Kaysie said...

Today that print is me. Having been feeling myself, but coffee is a go-to and I can always use more Jesus

Caroline Gant said...

more Jesus is always a good thing. and so is coffee. :)