Saturday, December 12, 2009

more thanks giving photos..... remember when i said i would post more thanksgiving pictures when i got them?

well i got them...a while ago...just never got around to putting them here they are...

i'm the one in the jean jacket...:)

Monday, November 30, 2009

He died of a broken heart....sacrifical love...

This morning in my quiet time, I was doing some Bible reading for awana, then working on a awana section. In the Bible reading, i read Psalms 19-24. When i got to Psalm 22, I noticed that I had that particular Psalm filled with notes in the margins from a sermon that was preached on this passage of scripture.

Line by line, this scripture was talking of what was to come many years later on the cross. Verses 1-21 were speaking of the agony that Christ went through on the cross. Verses 22-31 were songs of praise to God.

One particular note that I had written at the time caught my attention. It was in refrence to verse 14, which says
"I am poured out like water,
And all my bones are out of joint;
My heart is like wax;
It is melted withing me."
The note that I had written out in the margin for this verse said, "Jesus died, not because of the torture that he went through, but of a broken heart." WOW! The only time i have ever heard of someone dying of a broken heart and it was Christ!
That shows how much we mean to Him. It shows how horrible our sins are. It shows how devestating being seperated from God the father was. Christ didn't care that "all his bones were out of joint" or that that he was beaten and bruised till he was unrecognizable. It says "My Heart is like wax; it has melted within me." Christ heart was broken....he died of a broken heart....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Studying, Smallville, Full House, Egg Nog...and sinus issues...

So this thanksgiving weekend has been a very lazy one. Actually, my entire thanksgiving break has been rather lazy. All i have really done has been studying for the Geometry and Physics test that i have after break, watch television, and exercise.

My week went like this:

Monday- did history and literature homeowork, studied physics for an hour, studied geometry for an hour, exercised........watched Smallville

Tuesday- studied physics and geometry for an hour each, exercised....Watched Smallville

Wednesday- same as tuesday...Started Full house season one

Thursday- school

Friday- feeling bad because of sinuses, a little physics studying watched full house

Today (Saturday)- same thing except for the fact that i studied geometry instead of physics...continued watching full house (up to season five....)

hopfully i will be able to make a good grade on my math and science test (i am doing rather aweful in those subjects at the moment...those have never been my strong subjects...)

Other pictures from thanksgiving have been put on facebook!! I will put them on another post shortly.......

Oh!! i got to have some egg nog today!! it feels like christmas!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving has come....and gone....

So yesterday was thanksgiving.
The day that the pilgrims shared a large meal with the Indians.
A day set aside, allowing us to remember who and what we are thankful for (although we should be thanksful for these things every day we are alive).

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving!! I did. My mom and i were invited to a friends to celebrate with them and their family.

It is quite nice out in Pineland, South Carolina. That is were the friends live.

This is their awesome log cabin that The Nicholas's (our friends that invited us for thanksgiving) live in. It looks almost exactly like my aunts house!!!

When we got there, we said hello to everyone before Mr. Steve (our host) said the blessing. After we ate, some of us ladies went out to the porch to relaxe and play with a puppy and take picture.

Finally after we let our food digest, Mr. Seve decided that my mom and I were going to do some target shooting. Mr. Steve said that my mom and I were going to do this when he invited us for thanksgiving. Instead of me telling you how it was, lets hope these picture explain for themselves....

Our target....yes we shot this......

Mr. Steve explaining how to aim and use the hand gun

Me shooting the hand gun.....

My mom shooting a shot gun...thing

This is John, (one of my best friends and Mr. Steve's son) showing us how to use the machine gun looking....thing....

As you can see...i have know gun knowledge
So i think it went well.....i have more picutres of thanksgiving, but there not on my camera. I have to wait for them to be uploaded to facebook before i can get them....but you'll see more of thanksgiving soon...i

Monday, November 23, 2009, its been a while....oops!

Ok so i realize that it has been a really long time since i posted....really sorry about that. so much stuff has been going on...too much to type!!!

So point in posting tominght was to let you know that i uploaded a new video to youtube: checkout

my video is of me singing a song called "Beautiful Ending by Barlowgirl

ok so i will try to be more regular about posting.....ttyl

rock and roll

Sunday, August 9, 2009're about fifty cents short.....

Alrighty. I have an interesting story to tell......

My mom and i went to some friends house for lunch after church today...great story, right?

Just Kidding.

Anyways....we atayed at the friends house until, like, seven. About an hour before we left, the girls and i decided that we wanted to go to Sonic, which is right down the road from them, somewhat.

So we get to sonic and order our beverages; a mocha java chiller (that this is so good, its not even funny), a dr. pepper, and a slushi.

So the dude comes out with the soda and slushi and tells us ti have a good day. I'm thinking, "ok, it must take a little longer to make a milkshake. I don't know why they couldn't bring all the drinks out at the sametime, but oh well."

I wait for a good ten or fifteen minutes befor i realize that they have obviously forgotten about my drink. I got up and ask "hello. um i ordered my such an such a drink about fifteen minutes agoand i was wondering if it was ready or not?"

The guy on the other line says "oh....uh...i'll make it for you right now". I think "greaaat. they really did forget about it."

So the waiter guy comes out, gives me my drink and tells me the price. It was $2.71.

Of course, being the ditz that i am, i hear $2.21. So i hand him $2.25.

He stands there for a minute, and then says "'re about 50 cents short."
I say, "oh!!"

He says, " i was wondering wether or not this was payback for not bringing your drink out to you."

i thought this was rather entertaining.....

Saturday, August 8, 2009

thats what she moo-ed....

Today was an interesting day. I got the car all unpacked yesterday and so today was somewhat of a chores day for me. As in doing the dishes, laundry , and cleaning up my room a bit.
It probably would have been awkward (and possibly fuuny, but you be the judge of that) being a spectator, watching me work in my room, as i kept rocking out and dancing around to music on my radio.

It actually might have been a frightening sight to see.


One of my friends was rather random on facebook today. I was giving him a hard time about facebook and how he said it was a waste of time. in response to that he told me to stop wasting chicken and eat more cow...???? A contradiction of chick-fi-la's policy i can tell you that.

Finally after a while, he decides to tell me "thats what she moooo-ed" (hence the name of this post).

Thats a taste of the randomness of homeschoolers......lovely, isn't it?

Friday, August 7, 2009

family and funeral.....

i have once again failed to be a regular blogger....maybe now after all the crap thats happened in the last week or so i can try to be more regular about it....


i don't know what my last post was right off the top of my head.


as you see, this post is titled "family and funeral". That is basicly what this past week has been.

Last monday, my mom got a call from my aunt saying that their aunt (who, i believe was mentioned in my last post) was not doing very well (i.e. the doctors had done all they could for her) and that if my mom wanted to see her she need to come asap. My mom and i decided that i would stay home, since i had seen her just a couple weeks before.

Early the next day plans changed. My aunt called and told my mom that their aunt died early that morning. So i hurried to pack and we left the next day.

My mom's cousin and his wife and kids also came up along with his brother (my mom's other cousin) and his wife and my uncle and aunt.

They had the veiwing on saturday in Virginia (were my mom's aunt lives) and then the funeral was scheduled for monday afternoon in Huntington, West Virginia (where pretty much all of my family is from, but no longer lives there).

We all got to West Virginia sundat night and decided to got get food. Some guy, at the hotel we stayed at, suggested that we go to this seafood place that served really good food. Well when we passed the seafood place, it appeared to be closed. I am so glad it was because it didn't look like a very nice place.

The we decided to go to the place right next door called Chili Willi's. Strange name, right?

i Personally really enjoyed being there with my family. It was quite enjoyable.

Then sunday was the funeral. It was a small little graveside service by the pastor of the chirch that my great aunt attended when she lived there.

After the service we went back our seperate ways. My mom and i went back to her aunt's house and came home last night.


On a happier note, (but not an exciting one, mind you) i start school in three weeks. I still haven't finished my summer reading and i have tow good sized writing assignments to do...HELP!!!!


UNTIL NEXT TIME: adios (is that spelled correctly?)

Sunday, July 19, 2009's been a while...ooops!! has been a really, really, REALLY long time since i blogged....pretty sad....

Lots has been going on....
...holy cow...i don't even know where to begin to start on catch up...good greif....

Let me see if i can sum it up in a paragraph or less. It may not make any sense whatsoever...but... here it goes.....

after the carowinds trip i was concentrating on getting money for my youth group's retreat, the FLOW. i was so sure i wasn't going to be able to go but i managed to get all my money in...yay!!! It was so much fun....
About week before FLOW, my mom and i went to my cousin's high school graduation...once we got back i had five days before we left for the FLOW and four days to rest from the past trip, wash clothes and pack all over again...
After FLOW...uh...nothing much has happened....


We went back to Virginia a week or so elder cousin was getting married and we also neede to go see my mom's aunt, who is very old, had a stroke about two weeks ago, and was not doing very well, had to be in the hospital for a very long time (the only high light of her being in the hospital was the fact that when she was waiting for a hospital room in the ER, she kept asking, "when can we get otta here?".
When we told her she would have to stay over night, she cursed at was quite funny, because that is very, very normal for her).


So ther is this new music artist that i really like...his name is david choi.
here's a link to his cover of micheal jackson's song "the way you make me feel"

ok, so i will try my very bestest to blog regularly....
another thing...i think i am going to start makeing different covers of different songs that i like and putting them on youtube...ya know...recordeing myself siniging and playing my guitar and then putting it up on facebook.....what do you think?


rock and roll ain't noise pollution.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crash and Burn...within an hour....and Memorial Day

so its been awhile since i blogged...i'm sorry....


School is finally out!!! Halellujah!!

And to end the last week of school, i went to carowinds.

The bad thing about carowinds was the face that i got stuck near the top of a rollercoster.....AAAGGGHHH!!!

OMG!! Was it ever scary...we were stuck up there for like 15 or 20 minutes......the only highlight of the experience of being stuck was whne this really cute guy who worked at carowinds, came to the top and said everything was fine and that the ride would be running again shortly....

I learned something i never knew about myself.....i laugh uncontrollably when i am really scared...i was just sitting there, almost ready to cry, and i tell rebecca. who was riding with me, "Do you care if i just cry?" and after i asked that...i just started laughing really really hard....

On the drive and brit and allie went berzerko.

We had stopped at a gas station and we all got some snacks...i got and iced coffee and a poptart (which was a mistake). When we got back into the car, we turn on some loud music (toby mac, group one crew, lecrae...etc)

we went berzerk....well just look below

Within an hour after this, we were out.......


I had a nice memorial day...hope everyone else did...

I went to the farm to hang out with was beautiful!!!

this was the view from the back porch

<------isnt it lovely

Emma and Harper were a hoot...they are little chatter boxes...well...emma is....

ill put footage up of them later.....


Rock and Roll

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Musical went well...under difficult conditions....wonderful we had our musical tonight...right? Right.

Well everyone is up on the stage, ready to warm up......right? Right.

we are all waiting for Mr. Matt, our choir director, to come up and get us started....but guess what....he doesn't come up.....hmmmmm?

Turns out that half of the sound system wasnt working...obviously Satan was messing wiht eveything....

We onlt were able to warm up with one song before the service started but everything started basically getting back to normal...basically...

So i'd say that we did an awesome job under weird conditions....


after the musical was fun. I hung out with my friends laura, john, and was hilarious...

we were all joking around...being was fun...



I wont have to worrie about late assignments or if i have to catcxh up on anything or even stupid finals...yay!!!


<--------So this pic here is how you would describe me and my friends


nighty nighty

tra la la and such.....

After that lovely little intro that i gave earlier today, I thought it would be appropriate if i did some real blogging.


Notice the title of thie blog? tra la la and its a lovely little quote from one of my dear friends, lynleigh. We hadn't talked for a while and a week ago it was either she or i who randomly sent a random text messege to each other.

Speaking of random text messeges i will have to tell about one i sent last night....hehe

Anyways....she texted me the whole "tra la la and such" so i thought it would be a funny little title for a blog post.


I am an avid texter.

I do it so much that i found out today that i had gone waaaaaay over my limit.....

now i cannot text for a month.....but its my fault...


Guess what?!

Tonight is the crossroads choir musical. Whoooo hooo...

i am probably not as excited as i should be but that is because i dont feel as prepared as i usually am. I have a duet with my friend Michkayla (not sure how to spell her name) and i am in two skits.....should be interesting....i will try to blog later after the performance and tell how it went.....


At rehersal, for the musical, monday was kinda one really knew their skits very well except for a select few. That manages to happen every year....and every year we pull it off by the grace of God. Same thing will hopfully happen tonight.....we'll see.....

See this pretty little pooch?
This is my doggie, Maggie. I got her when i was 10 and she is a sweetheart....


ok.....i will leave now....


Well...I have entered the blogging world...everyone be afraid!! JustKidding.
Um...i'm not sure how to start this....lets see. Maybe i should introduce my self. Seems kinda dumb doing it over the computer.....oh well...
I'm Caroline, a only child whose homeschooled and whose in highschool.......
Hows that for introduction.....

~Im not sure how often i will blog but maybe i will get into some random/wierd/cool/idk routine of some sort....

~Also...if you haven't already noticed...instead of ending my sentences witha period (dont worry i do end my sentences with a period most of the, i like "..."

Weird i know