Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crash and Burn...within an hour....and Memorial Day

so its been awhile since i blogged...i'm sorry....


School is finally out!!! Halellujah!!

And to end the last week of school, i went to carowinds.

The bad thing about carowinds was the face that i got stuck near the top of a rollercoster.....AAAGGGHHH!!!

OMG!! Was it ever scary...we were stuck up there for like 15 or 20 minutes......the only highlight of the experience of being stuck was whne this really cute guy who worked at carowinds, came to the top and said everything was fine and that the ride would be running again shortly....

I learned something i never knew about myself.....i laugh uncontrollably when i am really scared...i was just sitting there, almost ready to cry, and i tell rebecca. who was riding with me, "Do you care if i just cry?" and after i asked that...i just started laughing really really hard....

On the drive home...me and brit and allie went berzerko.

We had stopped at a gas station and we all got some snacks...i got and iced coffee and a poptart (which was a mistake). When we got back into the car, we turn on some loud music (toby mac, group one crew, lecrae...etc)

we went berzerk....well just look below


Within an hour after this, we were out.......


I had a nice memorial day...hope everyone else did...

I went to the farm to hang out with family...it was beautiful!!!

this was the view from the back porch

<------isnt it lovely

Emma and Harper were a hoot...they are little chatter boxes...well...emma is....

ill put footage up of them later.....


Rock and Roll

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