Thursday, September 8, 2016

how i ate vegan at ihop. #beginnervegan

what's good my people.

was that too hip? 
should i tone it down a touch? 

anyway, in the past month I've decided to make some massive lifestyle changes, specifically with my health. for years, i have had a weird relationship with food. i went back and forth with eating "healthy" and then completely do everything wrong the next time. or i've even gone as far as skip meals, primarily because i forgot to eat, and with the work hours i keep, it can be very hard to keep a regular eating schedule. so, I've tried different methods of dieting.

but friends, 

they are temporary and typically they go away when you've finally gotten the results you wanted. AND if not done properly, the results don't last. and in the end, it can be so damaging to your body.

so i came to a decision about a month ago. i had just returned from an overseas trip (one that i will hopefully talk about when i found what i can say about it and what pictures i can show) and i was ready to change many things. (i've found that i eat better on overseas trips or out of town trips than i do at home.)

i don't really know what prompted this, but i decided to look into a vegan lifestyle. 

crash course: being vegan is literally staying away from any animal by products. but here's the thing, there is so much crap out there that qualifies as vegan; oreos, for example, are vegan. (that's the only thing that comes to mind at the moment but there are many other junky things out there that are vegan.) the main idea is putting things in your body that are real-fruits, vegetables, grains, protein- but still staying away from things that are made of animals. the goal is putting fresh, real, whole things into your body.

disclaimer: the primary reason i am doing this lifestyle change is for my health. yes, i love animals; doggies, kitties, giraffes, llamas, and cows are all glorious creatures that my powerful God created. yes, the way A LOT of factories deal with meat is the actual worst. but my main goal here is to just be healthy. for me, this means lots of things that come from the ground. cooked or raw. and ya'll, ya girl feels great. 

another disclaimer: 

so with all that being said, welcome to something i am experimenting with eating a plant-based food choice. i'm still very beginner in it, because sometimes, I JUST WANT SOME BACON. but overall, i love this choice. the food is good and i'm happy with it.

tuesday night, my friends wanted to go to ihop. because i wanted to socialize as well, i tagged along, trying to figure out what i would eat.

 this is what happened. 
friends, if you ever want to eat vegan at ihop, order a burger without the meat or the cheese and ask for extra tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. it's so tasty! decided to be bad and get the onion rings. but fun fact! ihop uses either vegetable oil or canola oil to cook with. so it's safe.

please know, this is just a lifestyle change on my end. this isn't something to be forced on others. this is something i am doing for me, myself, and my health. i am doing/ have been doing much research on this. i'm not jumping into this with no knowledge. i'm easing my way in and loving every moment of it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

hey guys. i'm back again.

why helllllllllllllllllloooooooo there.

it's been a while since i've written, yet again.

as you can see, there's been a name change. yes.
 it's awkward. 
ba dum tsh.

but i've missed writing here. this space is where my love for writing started. 
and it's going to continue here. 

so in the meantime, here are some picture from my birthday/ labor day weekend. 
because turning 24 was wonderful.

excited to be back writing, my friends.  much excite.