Wednesday, March 28, 2012

video ideas, por favor?

ya'll should be pleased that i said something in spanish, especially because yesterday, IN SPANISH 2, i literally felt like i knew nothing. maybe i was still on a high from a wonderful weekend. yep. that's probably it.

any who, i have a request to my followers and those who regularly read my blog.

i have been making some youtube videos the past two weekends, which you can find here and here, and i think, I THINK, that i'm going to start just trying to do a video or two on the weekends depending on what's going on or what i'm doing.

please note: TRY is the key word here. i CANNOT guarantee at all that i will have a video every weekend.

here's my dilemma. i don't really have any more ideas other then what i have already done. and maybe one more for this weekend-not sure on that.

so my question for ya'll is: WHAT SHOULD I DO? do YOU have any ideas? suggestions? should i just not? (just kidding on that last one)

also, be nice to me and subscribe to my youtube channel, and let me know what you think.

gracias. (oh look more spanish!)

Monday, March 26, 2012

11 random things redo...

pooooey. it's been a while since i typed words on here. but i always say that right?

any way....i did a blogpost a little while back on 11 andom things about myself and what not and it WAS showing up all nice and pretty. now it's not. and it's annoying.

so i redid this same post, but in video form, for my youtube channel:

so maybe you should go check it out. and then laugh at me. because i'm weird.

k thanks bye.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

got stay with it some how, right?

alrighty. so this week is my school's spring break. HOLLLLLAAA!!!!! PAAARRRTAAY!

no. no partaaaay's. i am working this week. which is good beacuse i love my job and it means another paycheck. WOOOOT!, i have not said *woot* in a very long time.....

(sorry for the grainy pics. you know cell phones...)

picture 1:
this is where i work. or at least, part of the view i have from my desk. and usually, there are people scattered ALLLLL ABOUT the library. but noooo. not this week. it's spring break. don't get me wrong, i really do LOVE working here. but this is not fun. and i also have no motivation whatsoever tio do the buttload of homework that was assigned for NEXT WEEK.

picture 2:
my motivation to get some homework done. i will be caffeinated, hydrated and stimulated for HOPEFULLY the next four and a half hours. and since there is no one coming up to the desk every five minutes, i am allowed to sit here with some headphones on and listen to some sweet tunes.

wow! twice this week, so far. i'm getting better at this blogging thing. lol

oh and is anyone else excited for Big Time Rush's movie this weekend? is bad that i am SOOOO EXCITED?

it is?
and you're judging me for it?

"ah well. the wind in my face will dry my tears." (fresh prince of bel air.)

Monday, March 5, 2012

11 things that you may or may not want to know about me.

i swear i have not completely dropped off the face of the earth.

jamie over at awesomely awkward tagged anyone who read her blog post and says we should do this. but that is ok. i too enjoy letting people know more about me then necessary. it's fun.

tonight i am answering questions from the lovely jamie. :)


1. Post these rules

2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things

3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post

4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them

5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you've tagged them.

photo of my person:

11 random things:

1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE giraffes. they are my most favorite animal. and the other day in my anthropology class, i watching a movie about an african tribe and they KILLED A GIRAFFE in the movie. it was horrifying. i sat there, looked away, and almost started bawling. i may be way to sensitive.

2. i love to laugh. i laugh frequently. and when i do, it is loud and obnoxious OR other people laugh at me for the way i laugh. but that's ok, because the laughs that come out of my mouth are known to be really strange. along the lines of laughing, if i'm in a situation that's hilarious, or someone does or says something hilarious, i will laugh. never fails. also, i can get really punchy when i'm tired, and laugh at the word "pudding". and then if i get anymore tired, i could possibly get crabby.

3. i watch and LOVE the shows on Nickelodeon. ESPECIALLY iCarly, Big Time Rush, and Victorious. don't judge. also, i LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Time Rush. they are beautifully, handsome guys, THAT CAN SING. what's better then a cute boy that can sing? well, maybe one that makes you laugh.....but, you know how i am about laughing. again.....don't judge.

4. i hate it SO MUCH when someone blows in my face. or if any kind of breath air comes in contact with my face. purposeful or not, i hate it.

5. i love my friends so very much. especially my close girlfriends. i am reminded every time i'm with them, that God is faithful and provides those that one NEEDS in their life. i'm also convinced that my future children will have more auntie's doting on them then they can handle.

6. i have this thing for funny pictures with funny sayings on them. and i have been known a time or two to post them on here. and here. and i have a huge pinterest board of them.

7. i also have this thing for coffee. and that's all i have to say about that.

8. i will never drink or smoke drugs (or smoke in general), because i don't have to get drunk or high to have a good time. and i act crazy in general, so those things aren't necessary. i am as sober as sober gets. and i WILL stay that way.

9. i want to start vlogging. this could be more of a confession than an actual random fact. but it's true. I WANT TO START VLOGGING. maybe one day i'll have some ounce of courage to talk to my self while recording my self. we'll see what happens. i've been building up the courage for days now......

10. i have this thing about accents. i love them. i work at a library and this british guy came up and said to me in his lovely english accent "i've got alot of books to turn back into you." on the outside i was like "ok, great, thanks." on this inside i was like "keep talking to me. keeping speaking british to me. it's so beautiful."

11. my dream job is to be a homemaker. like a legit stay at home wife and mom. i want to get married, and have babies. and adopt babies. i also like to shock some people with this because this is such an uncommon thing these days.

jamie's questions:

1. Would you rather have no legs or no arms?

um. i think no legs. it would be hard to balance on two legs and no arms. but if you had two arms and no legs, the you could get buff n stuff arms and till give hugs and hold cute babies.

2. What’s your status with Napoleon Dynamite? Funny or no?

i watched it along and wasn't impressed. i didn't even make it through the entire movie. but i think that it would be funnier to watch with other people.

3. If you could live only one place for the rest of your life where would it be an why?

it would either be my hometown of Beaufort, SC. or Charleston, SC. but that could change.

4. Going out in public in your jammies… yay or nay?

it depends on what qualifies as jammies. i mean, think about it. some people sleep in the nude. now, would you want to see people in their jammies in THAT case? i think not. but if it's a general sweats and a shirt or something like that, then i'm all for going out in jammies.

5. What is your favorite smell of all time?

hmmm, axe cologne. country chic by bath and body works, coffee, etc.

6. Zach Morris or A.C. Slater?

um, considering the fact that i have no idea who those men are, and the fact that i'm too lazy to google them, neither.

7. Do you fart in front of your significant other? Don’t lie!

um. well.....i have no significant other.

8. Were you in any high school clubs? Which ones?

nope. and nope.

9. Quick! Craziest pet name you can think of?

calling a dog "cat".

10. Do you believe in good luck charms? AKA lucky rabbits foot, four leaf clover?


11. Are you bored of this thread yet?

not really.

my questions for YOU:

1. what's your favorite movie quote?

2. coffee or tea?

3. do you have a hobby? if so, what is it?

4. what is your worst fear?

5. favorite actor/actress and/or band/singer?

6. do you like cheese?

7. how do you feel about the color purple?

8. can you make up some sort of story only using song titles?

9. what's going through your head right now?

10. am i annoying you yet?

11. do you like the jonas brothers?

alrighty, i am going to tag IN THIS POST so they have no way out of it, anyone who has made it through this ENTIRE POST. do it.

you know you want to.

******never EVER again am i going to commit to a blog project, unless specifically asked or i ACTUALLY HAVE TIME TO KEEP UP. but i promise i wanted to do this project very much. school get's in the way, leaving me no choice but to fail miserably after days and days of no pictures. OH WELL. i'll get over it.