Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh (goat noises)

can we just stop for a miute and appreciate this video?

now don't get me wrong, i'm a hardcore taylor swift fan,
but who ever did this is amazing.
simply amazing.
this just made my favorite song off her new album
so much more likeable.
i probably will never beable to listen to the original the same.
ever again. EVER.
(see what i did there? *wink wink*)

try to watch this and NOT laugh.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

just a lovely thing.

have you ever run into one of your dear friends,
just out of the blue,
not having planned to get together?

this is my best friend, danielle. she's just the best.

and i had the lovely opportunity to "run into" her yesterday at our local dunkin donuts.
by the way, forget about the donuts (even though they're good). they've got the best coffee.

and she is the one person who i have studied with, where i actually got a lot done. normally when your with a friend, you get caught up talking and not getting much done at all. but we both did in terms of school- while conversing.

also- it's great when her brother and ya'll's other friends decide to stop by.....long after we got homework done.

alright. you may carry on with your normal tuesday routine.

Monday, February 11, 2013


making- video ideas for my youtube. i know whenever "my youtube" is brought up, i say crap like that, but i promise that my brain is swimming with ideas. also, coffee. lots and lots of coffee.

thinking- about life. and how that sometimes it sucks, because school sucks, but that it's a season and that i'll make it if i persevere. God is good. and how playing with kitties makes everything better.

loving- coffee, but hey. if you have read this blog long enough, you dang well that i love coffee, among other things. my love for coffee is so passionate that is fiery like a thousand burning suns. also, i've been listening to the lovely duet known as "the likes of us", and i must say: daaaaaaaaannnnng. fan-flipping-tastic. and do you know what makes them even better? they have free music here. his voice+ her voice+the fact that they did a cover of "dream a little dream of me"= me laying on the floor crying with happiness. is that fetal position? why yes, i have mastered that one.

cooking- coffee? does that count? also i make a fantastic looking salad from any salad bar and my eggs? aww yeah. so maybe i lack some cooking skills right now. hey, crap happens.

dreaming- about how i will eventually put all of these ideas in my head on to youtube. one day. soon. how i can't wait (and yet i can at the same time, weird how that works, eh?) to have a family of my own. but let's be real. that's my dream in life. so it's on my mind a lot. and how i can't wait to travel. i want to (and will, hopfully sooon) go on road trips. yes. sounds beautiful. yes yes.

how is everyone out there in the blog world? good i hope. i have missed ya'll so.


i haven't been blogging lately. 


but i am today in the most cliche' fashion that anyone will ever resort to. i'm sitting in starbucks sipping on coffee, and blogging. 

how cliche does one get? 
i am at the top of the cliche' scale.

but i digress....

i'm going to be 100% honest though about why i haven't posted in a while.

i haven't posted because: i just honestly haven't felt like it.

i haven't had much to say. my life is rather boring-ish and stress full right now.

but i do need some prayers.

i have shared with some people about this-don't worry, it isn't anything horrendous-but i am so. stressed.
and it's not even stressed so much, but rather it's frustration.

frustrated with school, frustrated with work and life sometimes, but mainly it's school.

could you just pray for me? that my frustration would dissolve in some way? or even better, that God would show me the good of this semester, because i'm having issues seeing the good right now?

i will love you fo evah and evah.

actually, i already love you since you decided to read this depressing post. i'll come back shortly and play a somewhat of a catch up. and it will be happy.