Tuesday, February 19, 2013

just a lovely thing.

have you ever run into one of your dear friends,
just out of the blue,
not having planned to get together?

this is my best friend, danielle. she's just the best.

and i had the lovely opportunity to "run into" her yesterday at our local dunkin donuts.
by the way, forget about the donuts (even though they're good). they've got the best coffee.

and she is the one person who i have studied with, where i actually got a lot done. normally when your with a friend, you get caught up talking and not getting much done at all. but we both did in terms of school- while conversing.

also- it's great when her brother and ya'll's other friends decide to stop by.....long after we got homework done.

alright. you may carry on with your normal tuesday routine.

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