Tuesday, April 29, 2014

i'm still alive. just foggy brained.

hey there.

just wanted you to know that i'm still alive in the blog land.

i'm still alive. just foggy brained.

it's a problem.

i have wanted to blog for weeks but have had nothing to blog about.....writer's block man. it's the worst.

oh well. i'm going to try to ease back in to this section of the world as best i can while i finish up these last few weeks of school.

so, in the meantime.....

how are you?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

the awkward moment when...

when your mother forgets the name of one of your friends. and i'm not talking about random friend that i only see once a week. i'm talking in my inner circle. and she it's not like she doesn't know this friend. smh.

when you're in walmart at an ungodly hour and your buggy is one of those buggies that doesn't ride smoothly, or even straight for that matter. it was more like my buggy was drunk, it couldn't keep a straight line! *ba dum tsh* but seriously it couldn't. i wasn't weaving back in forth in the aisle for my own amusement.

when you're so sore after work, the only way for you to get around is to come across as if you're re-learning to walk. and nearly bent in half. i have never been in so much soreness.

when shopping in the local walgreens, you see a young girls jumping up and down while walking, saying "I'M A SUCKER FOR SUCKERS." and not 30 seconds later her brother, as if on queue, (because he probably has heard this since his sister thought of this five hours ago) nonchalantly tells her to "shut up." i have no idea why that is awkward and/or funny, but it is.

when you show off your intensely white-girl dance moves in your workplace, while other people are trying to enjoy a leisurely lunch. #unashamed. queue the shopping cart, the sprinkler, the crossing guard, and my personal favorite:

specifically the girl in the purple dress.
when you dropped your phone in water back in JANUARY, and it still basically works. except for when it doesn't. don't play me phone. either freaking DIE so i can get another phone or don't. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS FOOLISHNESS. (update: i have since gotten a new phone, thank Jesus)

when you color your hair, only to find, a week later, that you missed some spots. awesome.

when you've dyed your hair, you go to rinse it out and it looks as if a massacre has taken place in your shower. jaws part whatever.....blech.

when it's been raining and you practically slip right out of your shoes in the middle of the wal-mart parking lot. then, if you're like me, you need to stand still for a minute, breath, and regain some sort of composure.

when in the bathroom at work and you go to take your apron off in the stall and in the process you fling the door open. good thing it was just the apron and an empty bathroom.