Monday, March 28, 2011

aiken you're awesome

hi friends! hope your weekend was fun. mine definatley was. myself, along with the youth choir i participate in, went to aiken, south carolina to sing at our church plant there. when we got there:
we went ice skating.

well, some of us did.

i don't ice skate normally.

but that is another story.

this here is me and my friend brit.

here is michayla and myself.

niether of us skating of course.

and here is abby and myself.

also not skating. :)

every one skated then after a couple of hours they

let us come on the ice with shoes on.

broomball time!

i find this very fun to watch,

though someone decided that it would be fun to hit me with the ball.

here we are, brit, zach and myself getting ready to go bowling.


best friends (abby, wes, and myself)

( CBC Choir. Smell it. what this means, i have no stinkin idea)

it became known to lots of people that

some one kept writing this on our rental vans.

oh ariana. :)

when we finished bowling and got to the church for a picnick event, some of us were assigned to face painting. while waiting for "customers" (no one was charged money for face painting, i promise) wes decided to have pac-man across his forehead.

ariana and myself.

fellow face-painters!


i had the opportunity to make a couple of new friends while on this trip.

two very sweet girls that go to community bible church of aiken.

this is take one: my camera is retarted.

the new friends, paige and rebekah

(rebekah and i will be serving in china together this summer along with many members of five different churches! how cool is that?)

looking back at these pictures and the events of the weekend, it makes me sad that this was my last official choir trip, and my last year participating in the crossroads choir.

but life goes on and we grow up, while striving to be the people God wants us to be.

and that in itself sounds pretty awesome.

Monday, March 21, 2011

a new perspective

hi friends!

hope your spring is nice and has put a spring in your step.

pun intended. :)

Saturday night, i had the opportunity to go to a fundraising dinner for the beaufort women's center. this is a place that gives hope to women you are considering abortion, or are suffering from the effects of an abortion.

if i have not stated this on here yet, i will now. i believe that abortion is wrong. i believe that it is killing a human life. the "fetus" that is supposedly not a living being, IS a living being. that "fetus" was a living being from the time of conception. the word
"fetus" means "baby" in the latin.

anyways, i went to this fundraising dinner and the speaker for the evening gave me WHOLE new perspective on the horrificness (is that a word?) on abortion.
Bruce Wilkinson, author of The Prayer of Jabez, is pretty darn amazing.

people say that you can kill the "fetus" inside you because it is a part of YOUR body and is of the same DNA as you are. what they fail to see is that they are wrong. when the sperm, carrying part of the father's DNA, and the egg, carrying part of the mother's DNA, meet, they bring those two parts of DNA together. this creates a whole new DNA.

when you inject salt solution into the womb, burning the "fetus", you are killing that completely new DNA.

when you breech the child and pull it out as far as it's neck, then evacuate the brain, you are killing that brand new DNA.

i'm sorry if this is graphic, but this is the truth. these are methods of abortion. horrifying, isn't it?

so consider that fact that baby is created from part of it's mother's DNA and part of it's father's DNA. this creates a whole new DNA, as mentioned earlier. killing that brand new DNA, is murder. a women is just the housing for the Baby, the new DNA that was formed.

so were is there any justification for this?

oh hey. guess what. there isn't any.

Monday, March 14, 2011

when you give a girl a lighter and a bag of marshmellows

when you give a girl a lighter
and a bag of marshmallows,
things tend to happen.

she gets excited, kinda like she's into pyro......

she lights the marshmallow on fire to see what happens

she gets scared. no, just kidding.

she is really enjoying this.

and after having played with the lighted marshmallow......

she then decides she is going to play campfire. with a candle.

she enjoys this greatly.

so she brings her friends in on the fun.

she has had a good day.

*****hope you enjoyed this! for the record, i am not, by an means, endorsing the act of playing with fire. this was actually a marine biology project that may have gone a bit haywire.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dissapointed.....and yet it works perfectly

have you ever been bummed out?
gotten your hopes up?

i did that these past couple months; gotten my hopes up.
there was this college that i really wanted to go to.
wanted to go there since i was in 8th or 9th grade.

well when the time came for me to apply, i did. except for one piece of paper work (which i have learned: this was as everybit as important as actually applying). i got this piece of paper work in the day it was due. ( i know i know....procrastination is BAD.) i was kinda hopefull about my admittence.

got a letter in the mail today from this school. when i saw where it was from, my heart started beating really fast and i became excited and nervous and knew what it said all at the same time.

i read the letter.
i was not accepted.

atleast not for this coming semester.

i was really bummed. i really wanted to cry.

but then i got to thinking, this works out. i had been very seriously considering staying here a year before i actually went off to school. then either the next semester or the next school year, i could transfer to "the school of my dreams" as they say. (yeah...don't ask me who "they" is. i don't know)

Romans 8:28 says "all things work together for good to those who love God.." i believe thats how it goes. either way, God knew that this would happen, and in the end, it will work out for HIS glory. thats what you and i were put on this earth for. to GLORIFY HIM.

that makes this situation ALOT better, no?

happy wednesday night friends!

Monday, March 7, 2011

spring break part one

hi friends!

spring break has started for me this week. spring break part one. see, i'm taking some classes at the local technical college and its spring break for that school. then in a couple more weeks i will be getting spring break off of some other classes. not to brag or anything. ;)

sooooooooo......this means i get to catch up on some work, work on support letters for china, actually spend time with a friend that i haven't hung out with in ages, and call about vaccinations for china.....yuck.....

(i don't like shots or needles of any kind, unless i'm sewing. never have liked them and never will. but i also don't want to catch something overseas, bring it to America and possibly die. no, that would not be good)

yep lots to do with school.

so exciting i know.

woman quote of the day:

"every choice you make, brings you a step closer OR a step farther away from God" -claudia gay

happy monday ya'll.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

you should feel special

what is this?

2 posts in one day?

that's right friends. 2 posts in one day. you should feel special.

i have made a tumblr. don't worry.
i'm not totally leaving blogspot. just only when it comes to my photography.

if you want to enjoy some of it, here's the link:

and todays quote from a women:

“There is no object that we see; no action that we do; no good that we enjoy; no evil that we feel, or fear, but we may make some spiritual advantage of all: and he that makes such improvement is wise, as well as pious.” -Anne Bradstreet

if you want to learn more about this amazing woman, read, "Beyond Stateliest Marble"

i highley recommend it.



haha...remember how i said i was going to post one quote from an influential women in honoer of women's history month?

yeah...well i failed.

so to catch up, here are three quotes.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” -Harriet Tubman

"The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of christian,But the fact that I am a christian does make me a different kind of woman." — Elisabeth Elliot, author of "Passion and Purity"

“A REAL man, the kind of man a woman wants to give her life to, is one who will respect her dignity, who will honor her like the valuable treasure she is. A REAL man will not attempt to rip her precious pearl from it's protective shell, or persuade her with charm to give away her treasure prematurely, but he will wait patiently until she willingly gives him the prize of her heart. A REAL man will cherish and care for that prize forever.” -Leslie Ludy, co-author of "When God Writes Your Love Story"

what do you think of these? three ladies that i thought of all of the sudden, thought they might have some good words of wisdom.

oh and its also six words saturday.

so here are my six words in honor of it being saturday:

lets follow the scent of coffee around.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a blog project and some exciting news......

Hi friends.

i know its been a while since i have written to ya'll. sorry. i'm going to try and do better.

i promise.

i want to attempt a blog project. according to a friend of mine, the month of march is women's history month. so in honor of " women's history month", i am going to try to post a quote of an ( in my opinion) and influential women. it isn't going to matter whether they are a women of history or an infamous women. they may be of history or influential women in my life. and this will give you a chance to hear from them.

i expect you readers of mine to keep me accountable. please. :) my exciting news.....

as you may have seen in my twitter feed on the side of this page, i have the opportunity of going to china this summer on a missions trip!!
the trip is two weeks long. while we are there we will be teaching English.

i won't go into too much detail today but i wanted to share this news with ya'll.

please join me in prayer as i prepare for this trip coming in July!

and here is an influential women quote #1: "Don't Meet the deadline, beat the deadline." - claudia gay.