Monday, March 28, 2011

aiken you're awesome

hi friends! hope your weekend was fun. mine definatley was. myself, along with the youth choir i participate in, went to aiken, south carolina to sing at our church plant there. when we got there:
we went ice skating.

well, some of us did.

i don't ice skate normally.

but that is another story.

this here is me and my friend brit.

here is michayla and myself.

niether of us skating of course.

and here is abby and myself.

also not skating. :)

every one skated then after a couple of hours they

let us come on the ice with shoes on.

broomball time!

i find this very fun to watch,

though someone decided that it would be fun to hit me with the ball.

here we are, brit, zach and myself getting ready to go bowling.


best friends (abby, wes, and myself)

( CBC Choir. Smell it. what this means, i have no stinkin idea)

it became known to lots of people that

some one kept writing this on our rental vans.

oh ariana. :)

when we finished bowling and got to the church for a picnick event, some of us were assigned to face painting. while waiting for "customers" (no one was charged money for face painting, i promise) wes decided to have pac-man across his forehead.

ariana and myself.

fellow face-painters!


i had the opportunity to make a couple of new friends while on this trip.

two very sweet girls that go to community bible church of aiken.

this is take one: my camera is retarted.

the new friends, paige and rebekah

(rebekah and i will be serving in china together this summer along with many members of five different churches! how cool is that?)

looking back at these pictures and the events of the weekend, it makes me sad that this was my last official choir trip, and my last year participating in the crossroads choir.

but life goes on and we grow up, while striving to be the people God wants us to be.

and that in itself sounds pretty awesome.

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lovealways, cBe said...

THIS IS MY FAVORITE BLOGPOST EVERRRR! i love it! and you and i hope you're feeling better.=)