Monday, March 7, 2011

spring break part one

hi friends!

spring break has started for me this week. spring break part one. see, i'm taking some classes at the local technical college and its spring break for that school. then in a couple more weeks i will be getting spring break off of some other classes. not to brag or anything. ;)

sooooooooo......this means i get to catch up on some work, work on support letters for china, actually spend time with a friend that i haven't hung out with in ages, and call about vaccinations for china.....yuck.....

(i don't like shots or needles of any kind, unless i'm sewing. never have liked them and never will. but i also don't want to catch something overseas, bring it to America and possibly die. no, that would not be good)

yep lots to do with school.

so exciting i know.

woman quote of the day:

"every choice you make, brings you a step closer OR a step farther away from God" -claudia gay

happy monday ya'll.

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