Monday, March 21, 2011

a new perspective

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hope your spring is nice and has put a spring in your step.

pun intended. :)

Saturday night, i had the opportunity to go to a fundraising dinner for the beaufort women's center. this is a place that gives hope to women you are considering abortion, or are suffering from the effects of an abortion.

if i have not stated this on here yet, i will now. i believe that abortion is wrong. i believe that it is killing a human life. the "fetus" that is supposedly not a living being, IS a living being. that "fetus" was a living being from the time of conception. the word
"fetus" means "baby" in the latin.

anyways, i went to this fundraising dinner and the speaker for the evening gave me WHOLE new perspective on the horrificness (is that a word?) on abortion.
Bruce Wilkinson, author of The Prayer of Jabez, is pretty darn amazing.

people say that you can kill the "fetus" inside you because it is a part of YOUR body and is of the same DNA as you are. what they fail to see is that they are wrong. when the sperm, carrying part of the father's DNA, and the egg, carrying part of the mother's DNA, meet, they bring those two parts of DNA together. this creates a whole new DNA.

when you inject salt solution into the womb, burning the "fetus", you are killing that completely new DNA.

when you breech the child and pull it out as far as it's neck, then evacuate the brain, you are killing that brand new DNA.

i'm sorry if this is graphic, but this is the truth. these are methods of abortion. horrifying, isn't it?

so consider that fact that baby is created from part of it's mother's DNA and part of it's father's DNA. this creates a whole new DNA, as mentioned earlier. killing that brand new DNA, is murder. a women is just the housing for the Baby, the new DNA that was formed.

so were is there any justification for this?

oh hey. guess what. there isn't any.

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Alyse Bingham said...

Incredible. Now I wish I'd gone.