Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a blog project and some exciting news......

Hi friends.

i know its been a while since i have written to ya'll. sorry. i'm going to try and do better.

i promise.

i want to attempt a blog project. according to a friend of mine, the month of march is women's history month. so in honor of " women's history month", i am going to try to post a quote of an ( in my opinion) and influential women. it isn't going to matter whether they are a women of history or an infamous women. they may be of history or influential women in my life. and this will give you a chance to hear from them.

i expect you readers of mine to keep me accountable. please. :)

now.......to my exciting news.....

as you may have seen in my twitter feed on the side of this page, i have the opportunity of going to china this summer on a missions trip!!
the trip is two weeks long. while we are there we will be teaching English.

i won't go into too much detail today but i wanted to share this news with ya'll.

please join me in prayer as i prepare for this trip coming in July!

and here is an influential women quote #1: "Don't Meet the deadline, beat the deadline." - claudia gay.

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