Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"every gun you pick up is loaded."

when one is in the woods, one must shoot a gun. i definitely did.

also, word to the wise from my uncle, "every gun you pick up is loaded. you could be holding a non-loaded gun, but you will set it down. when you pick it back up, you must treat it as if it's loaded, because, it just may be. " #nothisexactwordsbutstill

Monday, December 30, 2013

christmas 2013 recap

these are my favorite pictures from the few pictures i did take during christmas day.

hope you all had a merry christmas!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

christmas scavenger hunt take two.

 happy christmas! i hope you all the loveliest of holidays! i sure did. and now i'm playing blog catch up. i'll have a couple other posts up throughout the week with christmas recap. :)

in the mean time, last weekend i was able to participate in ANOTHER scavenger hunt.

and let me tell you. it was a blast. a blast in a glass i tell ya.

this was a picture scavenger hunt around beaufort. we got points based on actually following the instructions given and for creativity.

 while there were many more pictures, these were my favorites.

a group hug. we call this the "christian side hug."
from left to right:
me, jesse, logan, jenn, and alyse.
the dream team.
we needed evidence of a for sale sign.
so jenn put her self up for sale.
 her husband was less than thrilled. ;)

all of us in a shower. that's all i'm gonna say about that.

we needed something that had to do with the hobbit.
our result: the shortest person on the team with the hobbit hill preschool sign.
 thank you for your services alyse.

we needed a picture with an unusual animal.
we found a kangaroo.

and guess which team won. 

that's right.
this team won.
and we were ten minutes late back to the final destination causing us a loss in points.

but we still won.

thank you nick for putting this time of fun together! can't wait for next year!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


the cousin, dear friend, and best friend with their bling!

let me tell you......
engagements are awesome and all, 
but nothing makes it more exciting than when it involves three of your dear friends.

so once again, if you haven't heard it from me enough.......

sarah jayne, deb, and danielle:
i am so excited that ya'll have found wonderful godly men to spend your lives with!
 i love you all very much. 
each of you are a blessing in my life!
can't wait to dance the night away at each of your weddings....;)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

christmas scavenger hunt.

now i had fully intended to write about this past weekend on monday.
 heck, i even actually put this post together on monday.
 but did it go out? obviously not.
oh well. 

this past saturday was the youth group christmas party and scavenger hunt. i only stayed to help with the scavenger hunt since i had to pop over at another christmas party, but i had such a blast participating!

although being a driver with a bunch of excited girls on a scavenger hunt is something i don't think i had ever experienced....but it was so much fun!

doing a handstand by a chirstmas decoration.

taking a picture with a stranger holding egg nog.

taking a picture with christmas wreaths on their faces.

taking a picture of "stockings hung by the chimney with care."

we had to take a picture with a stranger pretending to but a christmas decoration.

they had to spell out joy with their bodies. also, it was raining.

pretending to lick a candy cane.
someone isn't too excited about that.

christmas hats! i believe they were duck dynasty inspired.

here are my girls hiding under a christmas tree in mcdonalds.

this is a rendition of the nativity scene.

group picture: love these girls!
we had so much fun running around, doing christmas things, embarrassing ourselves and probably other people.

word to the wise: don't so a scavenger hunt while its raining and wearing flip flops.
although, it makes it that much more interesting!