Saturday, December 28, 2013

christmas scavenger hunt take two.

 happy christmas! i hope you all the loveliest of holidays! i sure did. and now i'm playing blog catch up. i'll have a couple other posts up throughout the week with christmas recap. :)

in the mean time, last weekend i was able to participate in ANOTHER scavenger hunt.

and let me tell you. it was a blast. a blast in a glass i tell ya.

this was a picture scavenger hunt around beaufort. we got points based on actually following the instructions given and for creativity.

 while there were many more pictures, these were my favorites.

a group hug. we call this the "christian side hug."
from left to right:
me, jesse, logan, jenn, and alyse.
the dream team.
we needed evidence of a for sale sign.
so jenn put her self up for sale.
 her husband was less than thrilled. ;)

all of us in a shower. that's all i'm gonna say about that.

we needed something that had to do with the hobbit.
our result: the shortest person on the team with the hobbit hill preschool sign.
 thank you for your services alyse.

we needed a picture with an unusual animal.
we found a kangaroo.

and guess which team won. 

that's right.
this team won.
and we were ten minutes late back to the final destination causing us a loss in points.

but we still won.

thank you nick for putting this time of fun together! can't wait for next year!

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