Monday, October 15, 2012

let's see how much of this crap i have actually retained.

so this is just going to be me using my readers, as a way of studying.......i'm just going to vomit information in this post.

louis armstrong is basically know as the father of jazz. he played the cornet and the trumpet AND he sang.

He was born in New Orleans. He had the chance to join Kings Oliver’s band in Chicago and stayed with them for a while before branching off and doing his own thing.

Some more well known pieces of his- “now you has jazz”, “hot like this”, and one more that i can’t remember

Bix Biderbecke was the white verision of Louis Armstrong. pretty fantastic trumpet player.

Benny Goodman had a great big band band and played a song for some movie called “sing sing sing”

Scott Joplin played the “Maple Leaf Rag”

Django Reinhardt was a phenomenal jazz guitarist. he injured one of his hands, the hand that plays the chords, in a fire and learned to play guitar with only two finger.

Nat King Cole, well…everyone knows who that is, i should hope. He sang and played “Unforgettable” and my personal favorite “When I Grow to Old to Dream”.

“Trading Fours/ Eighths” is when throughout a song, each musician plays a four to eight measure solo. basically taking turns.

“12 bar blues” are what i call “stereotypical blues”. you count through them, going ONE, 2, 3, 4, TWO, 2, 3, 4, ETC” till you get to twelve. the Beatles white Album is an example of this.

Syncopation- when notes are accented right before or right after the actual beat. “accenteing off beats”

and then i have to be able to name song songs just from listening to them, and i have to know theory, which is easy for me because i have taken piano and some sort of music somthing for a REALLY LONG TIME. theory shouldn’t be a problem.

but yeah…this is what i can remember. so maybe i’ll do alright? i hope so.

i hate midterms.

i hate exams in general.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

mid terms. how about no? let's ramble instead.

mid terms are upon us. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

somebody shoot me now.

 i don't do well with exams. i had my first meltdown of the semester on tuesday. the fact that i started school in august and it's now october and i JUST had a meltdown over school--things are looking up in the my world of emotionalness.

my midterm schedule is as follows: i had a spanish exam today (not exactly a midterm, but an exam all the same.), a music midterm on monday, a midterm AND a paper due on tuesday, and then another exam the next monday or wednesday. i don't even know.

so needless to say, i'm a bit stressed. and yet with all that, i'm taking the time to write a blog post.

priorities people.


i’m taking a jazz and american pop music class this semester.
thought it would be interesting. BUT NO. it isn’t.
although we listen to music all the time, so that’s not bad.
but i’m not a huge fan of jazz, which is ok because my teacher admitted that jazz is an acquired taste. and he is a DIE HARD jazz fan. like he plays gigs on the weekends. and travels to New York a few times a year so he can listen to jazz. he travels up there  JUST TO LISTEN TO JAZZ.
any ways…while he said jazz is an acquired taste, this is the one song we have listened to that i have fallen in love with.


is it weird that i just made and entire playlist on youtube that consists of songs i need to know for my jazz midterm?
is it weird that it’s public?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

first almost all nighter.

i stayed up till 2 am. working on homework.
mid terms are next week.
i’m proud to say that since school started (Aug 23), i have not had to pull an all nighter of any kind until now (October 10).

i take great pride in that.
i also go my sleeve caught on the door of Starbucks.
i also have no idea……yep. not sure what was going to come out there.
i am so sleepy. like what?
i see a purple unicorn dancing across me work desk right now, that’s how tired i am.

 and 2 am isn't much of an all nighter, but it's the closest i have ever come since starting college minus the anthropology final debacle of spring 2012.

you should go read about that one. it was pretty great, and much more entertaining.