Thursday, October 11, 2012

mid terms. how about no? let's ramble instead.

mid terms are upon us. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

somebody shoot me now.

 i don't do well with exams. i had my first meltdown of the semester on tuesday. the fact that i started school in august and it's now october and i JUST had a meltdown over school--things are looking up in the my world of emotionalness.

my midterm schedule is as follows: i had a spanish exam today (not exactly a midterm, but an exam all the same.), a music midterm on monday, a midterm AND a paper due on tuesday, and then another exam the next monday or wednesday. i don't even know.

so needless to say, i'm a bit stressed. and yet with all that, i'm taking the time to write a blog post.

priorities people.


i’m taking a jazz and american pop music class this semester.
thought it would be interesting. BUT NO. it isn’t.
although we listen to music all the time, so that’s not bad.
but i’m not a huge fan of jazz, which is ok because my teacher admitted that jazz is an acquired taste. and he is a DIE HARD jazz fan. like he plays gigs on the weekends. and travels to New York a few times a year so he can listen to jazz. he travels up there  JUST TO LISTEN TO JAZZ.
any ways…while he said jazz is an acquired taste, this is the one song we have listened to that i have fallen in love with.


is it weird that i just made and entire playlist on youtube that consists of songs i need to know for my jazz midterm?
is it weird that it’s public?

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Jennifer said...

It all depends on what kind of jazz it is as to whether I like it or not. :)