Wednesday, October 10, 2012

first almost all nighter.

i stayed up till 2 am. working on homework.
mid terms are next week.
i’m proud to say that since school started (Aug 23), i have not had to pull an all nighter of any kind until now (October 10).

i take great pride in that.
i also go my sleeve caught on the door of Starbucks.
i also have no idea……yep. not sure what was going to come out there.
i am so sleepy. like what?
i see a purple unicorn dancing across me work desk right now, that’s how tired i am.

 and 2 am isn't much of an all nighter, but it's the closest i have ever come since starting college minus the anthropology final debacle of spring 2012.

you should go read about that one. it was pretty great, and much more entertaining.

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Nicole said...

I remember those nights!!