Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the thoughts that stem from a simple pedicure.

my mother and i went to have a pedicure over the weekend. this was my first experience having a professional pedicure. the young lady that did it was awesome! she was very gentle and my toes turned out lovely.

anyways. some things were flowing through my mind as this gentle Asian girl worked on my feet. she didn't talk much, because her English was poor and anytime she asked me something i would either have to ask her to repeat, or just smile and say "yes. sure."

so in the mean time, instead of conversing, like my mother was trying to do with the person working on her feet, i would read my magazine, and look over to see what she was doing. now. it's not that i didn't trust her. it's that i was not really sure what went on during a pedicure.

speaking of which, did you know that after they lotion up your legs, they smack them? not a painful smack, but more like a pounding. either it's to wake up your legs, or.....i really don't know why they do that. but they do.

and i'm ok with it.

back to what i was originally saying. anytime the pedicurist and i made eye contact, we would smile at each other. i guess that was our own way of conversing. and i'm all about smiles. i think just day to day, people need a smile. but even though i say that, you have to be careful who you smile at just anyone. obviously, some people will be stupid and take it the wrong way.

why do i get so distracted, even in a blog post?

well, i don't know exactly how we got on to this, but the the awkward yet, reassuring "smile conversation" that we had reminded me of the time a spent in china. and that's not just because of the fact that an Asian girl worked on my feet. i think it was the way we communicated with one another through our body language. that's basically what i had to do to communicate with those who knew little or no English at all.

i was talking with my mother about it that evening and got very teared up over the fact that i wanted to return to china. not permanently, unless God shows me otherwise. but it made me remember how i felt when i first got home and started recuperating from the jet lag. and for weeks and months after that. china had taken a piece of my heart.

little did i know that after a year, it would still have part of my heart.
i hope and pray that God allows me to go back someday.

in the mean time, i guess that i should start telling y'all about it. i started shortly after i returned home, but never finished telling the blogger world about it. i suppose a year is a long enough wait, don't you?
in the mean time, here is the first post.

this was quite the long-ish post, now wasn't it? if you stayed a read my entire thoughts and ramble, you are fantastic in my book.

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