Saturday, September 1, 2012

the weekly awkward moments are back!!

alrighty y'all.

school is back in session. and that means, for me, it's time to be awkward again. and i'm excited about it! yay for awkward!

... i'm going to turn 20 next tuesday (wink wink) and i'm fangirling (and i have loved them since they started but now it's just alot more) over a boy band. i get you thought it was going to be one direction. NOOOPPE. it's those attractive fellows in the link above. don't you judge me. there are alot worse things to listen to out there. and i justify it with the fact that they are either two-three years older then i, so "i have a better chance" then most of the teeny boppers out there. hahahahaha.......awkward. of your two english profs. mixes up a miracle that jesus performed with something completely different. professor said, "locus's to fishes", whereas, correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe it was "water to wine."

...the other english professor, when talking about a project and saying that if we are "a control freak and have to have everything our way, that we need to get over our d*** selves move on. yep, he went there..

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