Thursday, September 6, 2012

it's thursday again.

...two of your best friends and your mother blindfold and kidnap you. the ending was happier then the beginning though. don't worry.

... you make any kind of accidental loud noise in the library. it echos.....very loudly. almost walk into someone and while moving out of each
other's way, he does a little jumpity thingy. you are not a boxer. stop bouncing back and forth like on. honestly.

 ...a friend from school knows it's your birthday, and starts
serenadeing to you IN THE LIBRARY.

 ...the same thing happens at your other job, and you get chased into
the bathroom
by another serenader.'re school mascot is a sandshark and one of the profs. comes
up to the front desk and asks you "how do you sand a shark?" um...i don't know. find a book entitled "who moved my cheese?", in the psychology section. i moved you're cheese. guilty.

... your shoes keep tripping you up, ESPECIALLY when you walk by someone.

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