Wednesday, March 19, 2014

taking stock.

howdy friends! 
if you're wondering why i haven't posted in a while, it's because of writer's block. lots and lot's of writer's block. it's supah helpful when one has a blog. i had completely intnended on posting last week when i actually had time (spring break) but that obviously didn't happen.

i'm cool.

anyway, my lovely bloggy friend Kate of Odd One Out invited me to her blog to guest post for the first time in the history of ever (i think.) i am so honored that she asked me to be her first guest poster!
so head on over and check it out!

in the mean time, and since i haven't posted in such a long while, i though i would ease back into it by trying out something: i saw this post on this blog, and thought i would partake in the fun of taking stock of my life currently!

making- nothing. i lack so much creativity and it makes me sad.
cooking- fried eggs. i have learned the art of the fried egg and may never go back to scrambled.
drinking- lots of water, lots of coffee, lots of chai tea. it's a problem. a wonderful problem.
wanting- to something creative, like learn to knit, or paint or SOMETHING.
looking- around. people watching. ya know.
playing- my guitar and singing with my pals. it's a lovely thing to have musically minded pals in your life.
wasting- my time on a regular basis. i need to work on this.
sewing- nothing. i wish i was sewing something. i need to relearn.
wishing- to go on a hike. WILL SOMEONE GO HIKING WITH ME.
enjoying- rewatching some of my favorite tv shows on netflix. i haven't yet learned to move on and try something else. i am forever reverting back to the familiar. so sue me.
waiting- on the caffeine to kick in constantly. it's a problem.
liking- my friends. i like them alot. i like the poo outta them. that sounds way weirder than i intended it too. just trying to express how much i like my people ok?
wondering- about this coming week.
loving- jesus and learning to love like he does.
hoping- to pass my classes because these suckers are HARRRRRRRD.
marveling- at the blessing's God has given me, and realizing that i don't deserve them.
smelling- smells. all of the smells.
needing- a tissue. the yellow snow is coming out and it's not even march. 
side note: there are two types of yellow snow, in case you're confused. there is northern yellow snow- the kind animals pittle in (and maybe even people....i don't know you nor do i live up north. though, if you relieve your self in the snow, i'm judging you harshly right now.) and then there is southern yellow snow- pollen. glad we have clarified.
wearing- clothes and i hope you are too. if not, again i judge you.
following- jesus the best i can.
noticing-  and learning how the simple act of being nice is overrated and down right not a good thing. i'm talking about niceness as opposed to kindness or loving-ness.
knowing- that i can make people laugh sometimes, even if i am embarrassing myself in the process. i don't really care, because i love laughter.
thinking- about a lot of things actually. one of those things being the fact that i need a good haircut, but also may cry if it's too short.....i know i know. IT'S JUST HAIR. leave me alone.
bookmarking- a book that i have actually attempted to start reading for the HUNDREDTH time. Christy by Catherine Marshall. i'm so excited. i've watched the series a million times but it ended and left you hanging. and then no one liked it enough to make more seasons so i have no idea who Christy ends up with. so, i am reading the book. and i am pumped. if you've read it, DON'T RUIN IT FOR ME.
opening- a can of worms. always.
giggling- constantly. i love giggling, it's my favorite. and a good giggle is always necessary. ALWAYS.
feeling- thankful.

have you taken stock of your life recently?