Monday, December 2, 2013

happy post thanksgiving.

hope everyone out there in the blog-sphere and the cyber-world had a great thanksgiving!

i sure did; i was able to spend it with a bunch of awesome people that God has brought into my life. technically i had two thanksgiving's this year, one with some family friends and one with my sunday school class/ bible study group.

 so thankful for all of these people!

my friends younger sister made these cute little place cards!
aren't they darling?

"Cara is thankful for Cara"

now, i am currently sitting at home, in the floor of my room, recovering from a nasty stomach bug (one that came in like a wrecking ball-see what i did there?- around three thirty sunday morning.) and working on a paper.

being sick is the pits, especially when there is vomiting involved. but i am much better today (by much better i mean no more puking) but not 100%.

oh well.

again, i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!


Kaysie said...

Those place markers are so cute! I can't wait to have a Thanksgiving big enough one day to make cute individual things :)

Caroline Gant said...

same here!