Monday, February 11, 2013


i haven't been blogging lately. 


but i am today in the most cliche' fashion that anyone will ever resort to. i'm sitting in starbucks sipping on coffee, and blogging. 

how cliche does one get? 
i am at the top of the cliche' scale.

but i digress....

i'm going to be 100% honest though about why i haven't posted in a while.

i haven't posted because: i just honestly haven't felt like it.

i haven't had much to say. my life is rather boring-ish and stress full right now.

but i do need some prayers.

i have shared with some people about this-don't worry, it isn't anything horrendous-but i am so. stressed.
and it's not even stressed so much, but rather it's frustration.

frustrated with school, frustrated with work and life sometimes, but mainly it's school.

could you just pray for me? that my frustration would dissolve in some way? or even better, that God would show me the good of this semester, because i'm having issues seeing the good right now?

i will love you fo evah and evah.

actually, i already love you since you decided to read this depressing post. i'll come back shortly and play a somewhat of a catch up. and it will be happy.

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Jennifer said...

aww yay for you coming back to the blog world! :) and wow, Caroline. starbucks + blogging = wow! ;)