Thursday, January 17, 2013

i haven't been paying any attention to anything in the blogsphere.

good lord. i am dumb.

i don't pay much attention to this blog place.

i just relaized that i was nominated for TWO leibster awards by my other friend, Alyse. but since i already kinda participated in one...i still wanna do the original nomination justice, so i'll answer her questions.

Alyse, you better love me FOREVAH for this. :)

Her Questions-

1. Have you ever cried in church?
oh yes.
2. Do you adore chocolate?
um, that's like asking me if ducks quack or if giraffes are tall....
3. Which is more fun, the beach or a pool?
if i am to actually get in the water, defintely the pool. but if i wanna go for a nice nature-like walk, then definitly the beach.
4. Ever ding-dong-ditched?
i feel like i have, i'm pretty sure i have.....Sam and Hope- we ding dong ditched when you lived across the street, right?
5. Favorite movie?
You've Got Mail.
6. What's your recent favorite song?
oh this is difficult. there are a few- Ho Hey by The Lumineers and I know You Know by King the Kid (a new month old band, but they are awesome. they recorded an album before they even announced their band-ship. go look them up on youtube. oh, also, they are awefully easy on the eyes.)
7. Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? If so, what are they? If not, why not?
ehh...nothing major but significant. 1. read my bible more, 2. eat better, 3. excercise more, 4. do more with my youtube channel.
8. Are you a spender or a saver?
it depends. i think, as much as i am working on the whole  budgeting and saving name is Caroline and i am a spender.
9. Did you think the world was over on December 21st?
psh. no. and i was so confident in it that i decided totravel on that day. the only thing, i think that could have happened, is that Jesus could have come back. But everyone was expecting the world to end, and Christ said He would come like a theif in the night. so...yeah.
10. Favorite color?
Bright primary or royal blue, green, and a birght happy yellow, like chartreuse
11. Shoes or purses?
well, shoes and i don't get along very well seeing as that i can never find any that fit. so...i guess purses?

and there you have it folks. enough info about me in these last couple posts to last ya a month.

your welcome.

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