Saturday, August 8, 2009

thats what she moo-ed....

Today was an interesting day. I got the car all unpacked yesterday and so today was somewhat of a chores day for me. As in doing the dishes, laundry , and cleaning up my room a bit.
It probably would have been awkward (and possibly fuuny, but you be the judge of that) being a spectator, watching me work in my room, as i kept rocking out and dancing around to music on my radio.

It actually might have been a frightening sight to see.


One of my friends was rather random on facebook today. I was giving him a hard time about facebook and how he said it was a waste of time. in response to that he told me to stop wasting chicken and eat more cow...???? A contradiction of chick-fi-la's policy i can tell you that.

Finally after a while, he decides to tell me "thats what she moooo-ed" (hence the name of this post).

Thats a taste of the randomness of homeschoolers......lovely, isn't it?

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