Sunday, August 9, 2009're about fifty cents short.....

Alrighty. I have an interesting story to tell......

My mom and i went to some friends house for lunch after church today...great story, right?

Just Kidding.

Anyways....we atayed at the friends house until, like, seven. About an hour before we left, the girls and i decided that we wanted to go to Sonic, which is right down the road from them, somewhat.

So we get to sonic and order our beverages; a mocha java chiller (that this is so good, its not even funny), a dr. pepper, and a slushi.

So the dude comes out with the soda and slushi and tells us ti have a good day. I'm thinking, "ok, it must take a little longer to make a milkshake. I don't know why they couldn't bring all the drinks out at the sametime, but oh well."

I wait for a good ten or fifteen minutes befor i realize that they have obviously forgotten about my drink. I got up and ask "hello. um i ordered my such an such a drink about fifteen minutes agoand i was wondering if it was ready or not?"

The guy on the other line says "oh....uh...i'll make it for you right now". I think "greaaat. they really did forget about it."

So the waiter guy comes out, gives me my drink and tells me the price. It was $2.71.

Of course, being the ditz that i am, i hear $2.21. So i hand him $2.25.

He stands there for a minute, and then says "'re about 50 cents short."
I say, "oh!!"

He says, " i was wondering wether or not this was payback for not bringing your drink out to you."

i thought this was rather entertaining.....

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