Saturday, November 28, 2009

Studying, Smallville, Full House, Egg Nog...and sinus issues...

So this thanksgiving weekend has been a very lazy one. Actually, my entire thanksgiving break has been rather lazy. All i have really done has been studying for the Geometry and Physics test that i have after break, watch television, and exercise.

My week went like this:

Monday- did history and literature homeowork, studied physics for an hour, studied geometry for an hour, exercised........watched Smallville

Tuesday- studied physics and geometry for an hour each, exercised....Watched Smallville

Wednesday- same as tuesday...Started Full house season one

Thursday- school

Friday- feeling bad because of sinuses, a little physics studying watched full house

Today (Saturday)- same thing except for the fact that i studied geometry instead of physics...continued watching full house (up to season five....)

hopfully i will be able to make a good grade on my math and science test (i am doing rather aweful in those subjects at the moment...those have never been my strong subjects...)

Other pictures from thanksgiving have been put on facebook!! I will put them on another post shortly.......

Oh!! i got to have some egg nog today!! it feels like christmas!

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