Wednesday, October 23, 2013

i did a thing: hair.

i did a thing. i colored my hair. 
it's the first time that i have done it since the spring?

shameful i know.

these ladies helped me.

technically, footsie pajamas (danielle) decided she was going to bed. so it was just pink shirt (cara) who colored my hair. 

we learned that night that my hair now requires two boxes of color. yikes.

so here it is!

i dig it.
i think i'll keep it.


Rachel said...

That color looks great on you! and yep, once your hair gets past a certain length, one box just doesn't do it anymore!

Caroline Gant said...

thanks so much! and yeah....i've got a head full of hair. hahaha

Kate B said...

Love the darker colour! It's great for fall!

Caroline Gant said...

Thanks Kate! that's what i was thinking, tho i think i might let this color stay for a while.

Crystal Green said...

I love that color hair. It really makes your eyes pop in a good way. I need to get mine done again. I didn't think I'd ever like having it done, but now that I have I wish I could afford to do it more often.

Lauren said...

Love the new color! Great blog :)