Tuesday, October 22, 2013

real talk: on taking your lady out to dinner

i want to address something that has me a bit peeved. 
consider this a psa.

i observed last night at a restaurant a young man who had brought his lady out for a meal. upon finishing their meal and paying, i happened to notice the gentleman hand the waitress a ten dollar bill and a debit card saying, 
"put ten dollars on then pay the rest with the card."

*insert face palm*

now you're probably thinking,
dang caroline. stare/eavesdrop much? 
yes actually.
 just kidding. 
sort of.

my beef with the above mentioned story is the fact that we all know good and well that if he paid for their bill with cash AND credit, he most definitely did NOT leave that waitress a tip.

now let's be straight up for a second. here's a new "rule of thumb" to add to the already huge list that the world has made.

if ya ain't gonna tip, take your lady to a fast food joint.
they get paid minimum wage. 
waitresses/ waiters get paid waaaaay less an hour.

end. of. story.

and that's all i got to say about that.


i was also told that my standards were too high for the guys in my age group. 
well too freaking bad. 
there is no excuse for situations like said story or lack of manners in general.


Natty said...

Your standards are NOT too high, but you already know that. "Men" your age are just boys for the most part. And what woman wants to hitch themselves to a boy? Definitely not one with any amount of self-respect or wisdom, that's for sure. Though there definitely are good guys out there too well on their way to becoming very worthy men. Again, nothing you don't already know. Just,.... keep the faith! :o)

Natty said...

*too, who are well on their way...

Jayda said...

Oh my goodness, if I was her, that would be my last date with him! Unless that waitress did something beyond horrible, there is just no excuse for that!! Ack.

Discovered your blog through Sweetness Itself..excited to read more :-)