Thursday, January 26, 2012

the awkward moment when...

i swear.

i ABSOLUTELY LOVE blogging about my awkward moments. this could explain why i only end up blogging once a week-i'm too focused on noticing my awkward moments and writing them down so i don't forget.

i need to find other things to blog about.

i need to take more pictures.

i need to...

oh poop. i'm getting off topic.


...when you miss a step and almost die.
ok. yes, that is an exaggeration. while I DID MISS A STEP, i managed to make it look like i was just jumping to the ground. lesson here? never mess with your phone when walking down stairs.

...when you are given an in-class writing assignment and a student writes something, then begins chuckling at his/her work.
you'd think he was planning how to take over the world or something or to revolt or something. *shivers* geez man. way to be creepy.

...when someone is talking really loud in a quiet class room.
it made me question whether or not she had cotton in her ears or something. HONEY CHILD, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOUR BUSINESS. thank you.

...when one of your coworkers describes being all warm and cozy by saying, "i was as warm as a kitten in a window sill." and, i guess, that is an accurate statement.

...when your teacher reads "beauty" as "booty". the thing about this one is that, i MAY have been the only one who noticed this. so to it sounded like she read, "enhancing your natural booty can be done in a few easy steps." hmm...what is this natural booty that you speak of?

...when another teacher is reading a story with some...*ahem*...strong language, but he KEEPS SAYING IT OVER AND OVER AND.......i was about to hit something. ok, not really, but it was getting uncomfortable.

...when yet ANOTHER teacher refers to marie antoinette as the "austrian female dog" but uses another word for female dog. yep. she called her that, alright.


Alyse Bingham said...

Was the student planning to take over the world / planning their in-class writing assignment me?? Because I am and I did . . .

SweetCaroline said...

considering the fact that i mentioned a HE/HIM, i'm pretty dang sure it wasn't you.

yes. i know it's been WEEKS since you posted this comment, but...

YES. i'm just now getting to it.