Wednesday, January 18, 2012

things that make me laugh.

hey ya'll!

i have more funny pictures. if you have seen me in the library that i work in, then you probably have caught me laughing at my desk. these are VERY FEW of the reasons why i laugh.

confession: i have a folder on my computer dedicated to funny pictures such as these.

if i'm not working on homework, it's because i'm on pinterest, looking at these comical pictures.

confession: i ALSO have a board on pinterest dedicated to funny pictures such as these.

why you ask? for i dearly love to laugh


love me some jim halpert.


very true

if light shown out my bum, i would never be glum.

because i am forever hunting for elephants in WALMART. SERIOUSLY.

dear future baby,
please make this face while i kiss
your soft-as-your-bum cheek.

darn straight

instruct, instruct, instruct me how to douglas.....get it???

i WILL do this to someone when listening to the song.
not the fire part, but the face part

i know. crazy right?

i have nothing else to say.

*in a british accent* and it shall be grand!

and what a happy place that would be.

yep. you got those lyrics HEAD ON.

let's hope for choice B.

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