Wednesday, April 17, 2013

i'm going to want to be a midwife after this paper.

so as our final research paper for my intro to journalism class, we are to write a feature article.
ya know, one of those articles that has three to four different parts to it? my teacher (who, besides my advisor, is my favorite teacher EVER) is haveing us do a three part feature article, while giving us the saying,

"a three legged stool doesn't wobble."

so with that being said, my prfessor wanted us to choose a topic that was generally "current" and said that it would also help if we chose something that interested us, with the exception of certain topics, one of them being one that i don't blame him for pulling the plug on.

so i chose my topic on something that's of interest to me: birthing options.
why this is interesting to me, i don't know.
maybe it's the fact that my dream/ goal in life, God-willing, is to be a wife and mom.
maybe it's because i'm pro life and birth is beautiful.
maybe it's because women's bodies are amazing considering the fact that we can carry another human being in side of us for nine months and then get it out of our bodies.

**funny story: while doing some research babies and births, i found a book entitled "get me out". hahahaha.

so yeah. that's what i'm doing this week and next, along with a bum-load of other things, things that ya'll will probably hear about dpending on whether or not i like it.

we'll see what happens.

i have a good feeling that i'm going to want to become a midwife or doula after all this research.


jessi bridges said...

I love it!! Very fun topic. Hope your professor likes it ;)

Caroline Gant said...

he seemed interested, although he forwarned me on his view of one of those option that i listed. that made a little wary, but then again, his reason was legitimate.
over all he liked it. and no matter what, i repsect him, which is not something i can say about alot of teachers that i have.